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Surfer in the ocean riding a wave. There is nobody else in the water, and the sun is setting in the distance.

Greatest Surfers of All Time

Surfing is certainly one of the most popular sports in the world.
A girl sitting on a rock in front of the ocean with her back turned to the viewer. The sky is gray and there is a wave breaking in the distance in California.

Lower Trestles: A Surfing Paradise in California

Surfers travel from far and wide to ride the legendary waves of Trestles Beach.
Three people sitting on kayaks in the ocean, passing a piece of kelp between each other.

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks: An Exciting Adventure in San Diego

Kayaking in the sea caves of La Jolla is a one-of-a-kind adventure that combines stunning natural beauty, marine life sightings, and exciting physical activity.
Surfer riding a wave in the ocean, with sea cliffs in the background. The surfer is the only person in the water.

Cold Water Surf

Cold water surfing conditions can still be enjoyable so long as you have the right gear and are prepared.
Side view of royal blue wave curling. large wave image.

How To Measure The Height Of A Wave

Knowing how to figure out the height of a wave is sometimes tricky, but there are a few ways that, with practice, work well.
Sunset time and surfer holding surfboard on the beaches of San Diego. The water is calm and the sky is reflecting off the water and sand.

19 San Diego Attractions You Need to Visit

Do you have some free time to explore San Diego? If so, make sure to check out these 19 San Diego attractions while you’re there!
Underwater photo of a group of Leopard Sharks on the sandy bottom of the seafloor, in La Jolla California.

Leopard Sharks: the Scaredy-Cats of the Sea

One of the highlights of being in La Jolla during the spring and summer months is witnessing the massive migration of one of our favorite locals, the leopard sharks.
Surfer in La Jolla Shores - Best place to learn to surf in San Diego

Surfing Foundations - How to Start Surfing?

Are you finally ready to take on the waves and get some adrenaline pumping? If you are, check out our guide to surfing foundations and start surfing!
A photo of La Jolla Shores beach from the side of a cliff. The sky is overcast and gray.

What to Do in La Jolla for a Day

Interested in spending a wondrous day in La Jolla? You’ve come to the right place to learn what to do in La Jolla for a day!
Surfers Exercises To Improve Your Skill

Surfers Exercises To Improve Your Skill

If you're a beginner surfer, you may be wondering how to improve your surf fitness. These are some exercises you can do at home that mimic surf movements.
Destination Guide: La Jolla Caves

Destination Guide: La Jolla Caves

Located on the picturesque coastline, the La Jolla Caves are a unique geological formation carved out by the relentless force of the Pacific Ocean.
The Complete Dictionary of Surf Lingo

The Complete Dictionary of Surf Lingo

Surfing is a sport that has developed its own unique language over the years. To help demystify this language, we have created The Complete Dictionary of Surf Lingo.