A drone overview of the La Jolla Shores Surfing area in San Diego where the Kid's Summer Surf Camps happen yearly.
An Everyday California instructor on a Surf Camp with a child on a 9ft surfboard helping them get out into the waves.
A small girl on a surfboard during the Everyday California Surf Camp catching a small but impressive wave on the first try in San Diego, La Jolla.
Drone overview of a camp counselor on a surfboard with a child in surf camp with Everyday California in La Jolla
A little girl on a surf camp with Everyday California being helping into the ocean by an instructor in San Diego.
After a surf camp, two girls cheer with their instructor that they successfully caught some waves and stood up on the board in San Diego, La Jolla, California.

Surf Camps in San Diego / La Jolla, California


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Surf Camps in San Diego / La Jolla, California

Everyday California has been in the surf industry since 2010. Our San Diego surf camps are the perfect way for kids to spend a holiday break. Our expert instructors are all certified in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid, and teach the fundamentals of surfing at La Jolla Shores, one of the best locations in the country to learn to surf! Whether you’re brand new to the sport and trying to stand up for the first time, or a more advanced surfer looking to polish your bottom turn techniques, the camp staff will tailor their lessons to match your experience level.

Each day begins with games, a lesson on the sand, and a safety speech before heading into the water to surf. Throughout the camp, kids will learn about surf history, surf etiquette, ocean safety, and the history and marine life of La Jolla’s Marine Protected Area.

Our surf camp is designed for kids aged 5-15 who are able to swim in the ocean. No prior surfing experience or equipment is required.

5 Day Half Day Surf Camp In San Diego (La Jolla)

Our 5-day Half-Day Surf Camps run Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Summer session begins the week of June 10th.

This camp is the coolest way to spend your mornings when you have a week off. Our daily lessons each focus on a different aspect of surfing, so by the end of the week, you'll have a ton of new skills and amazing memories. With a ratio of 3 students to 1 instructor, our camp gives you the individual attention you need to stay safe, have fun, and catch some awesome waves. We provide each student with a surfboard, leash, and rash guard. No camp is complete without a pizza party on Friday and picture day on Wednesday!

Child standing on surfboard amid the Kids Surf Camp

5 Day Full Day Surf Camp In San Diego (La Jolla)

Our 5-day Full-Day Surf Camps run Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Summer session begins the week of June 10th.

Our full-day camp is structured for those kids who have the surfing bug and want to spend as much time as possible outside and at the beach. Not to mention, this is a great solution for those busy parents juggling responsibilities, offering precious moments for focused work during their day, or work week. Following the same approach as our half-day program, each daily lesson will focus on essential surfing skills, instilling respect for the ocean, and ensuring safety measures are paramount, all while having fun. We maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio of 3:1, to give your camper the required attention needed to catch waves while being safe. Each student is provided with a surfboard, wetsuit, and rashguard. And like our half-day camps, no camp is complete without a pizza party on the last day and picture day on Wednesday.

Surf Camp Schedule (Half Day Camp ends at 12pm)

Half Day Camp ends at 12:00 pm
Full Day Camp ends at 3:30 pm

Drop Off: 9 am

Intro Games: 10 min

Ground School #1: 15 min

Safety Speech: 10 min

Surf Session #1: 45 min

Break: 15 min

Lesson #1: 20 min

Surf Session #2: 1 Hour

Half Day Camp Pick Up: 12 pm

Lunch Break: 30 min

Sunscreen and Hydrate: 10 min

Warmup and Beach Games: 20 min

Surf Session #3: 45 min

Break: 15 min

Lesson #2: 20 min

Surf Session #4: 1 Hour

Wind Down and Full Day Camp Pick Up: 3:30 pm

Packing List

With the right gear, your camper will have an even better time at surf camp. Proper packing will help you and your camper focus on what really matters: staying safe, having fun, and catching waves! If a camper needs to take medications while at camp, please discuss this with our Camp Director, Wendy.

Beach Bag: something to fit all your items. We recommend using a beach bag with a zipper so the seagulls stay out of your pack

Sunscreen: SPF is your BFF at surf camp

H20: Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. To reduce our plastic use, we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle. We'll have a water station where you can refill your bottle.

Bathing Suit: Come to camp with your bathing suit already on so we can get in the water as quickly as possible. Make sure it's sturdy enough so it does not fall off when surfing and swimming in the ocean. We'll provide the wetsuits and rash guards.

Snacks: To avoid a HANGRY camper, please pack snacks for the day. Always pack more than you think you'll need - surfing and playing in the sun will take a lot of energy out of you.

Beach Towel: Everyone needs a big towel to dry off with after surfing. The bigger the better. Campers will use their towel to sit on when eating lunch or relaxing after surfing. If you can, find a towel with a unique design so it doesn't get mixed up with other camper's towels.

Flip Flops: The easiest thing to slip on and off for a day at the beach.

Sun hat: A hat will help keep the sun off your face and neck. We'll provide shade on the sand and every camper will receive an Everyday California hat on the first day of camp!

A change of clothes: To protect your car seats, send your camper to us with a change of clothes.

Empty plastic/reusable bag: Something to put your wet bathing suit in at the end of the day.

Health and Safety

The goal of our camp is to have fun while surfing, safely. We'll teach your camper about water safety and surfing etiquette. We want to have as much fun in the sun as possible! To do that, we need your help as the parent in communicating the following things to your camper. Please talk to your camper about the importance of health & safety while at the beach. Explain your expectations while at camp, e.g. they will re-apply sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

Sun Protection

Spray sunscreen runs out very quickly. Consider sending your camper with a cream instead.

It's important to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. It's all fun in the sun, until someone gets sunburnt.

Even the best sunscreen will wear off. Rash guards will be provided for all campers to wear. They help keep the sun's rays off your skin.

Swimmer’s Ear

If your camper is prone to swimmer's ear, please send them to camp with the proper ear drops.

If your camper experiences ear pain while at camp, they should tell their Camp Leader immediately.

Heat and Dehydration

Dehydration can happen when someone is overexposed to the sun and not drinking enough water.

The key is to drink water consistently through the day and not just when you feel thirsty.

Snack on fruits and veggies with a high water content like watermelon, cucumber, oranges, or strawberries.

Staying well hydrated ensures your camper can spend as much time as possible surfing in the water.

Bringing Medication to Camp

If your camper requires medications while at camp, please discuss this with our Camp Director, Wendy, prior to our first day. This includes RX Medications, Inhalers, Epipens, OTC Medications, etc.

RX Medications must be in the original bottle with the pharmacy label for dosing instructions. It must have the camper's name. If the dosing is different than indicated on packaging, it must have a doctor's prescription note and orders for administration.

Epi pens: Please check the expiration date. Make sure it's easily accessible in your camper's pack in case we need to use it.

All medication will need to be checked in with a day camp staff person. Please do not leave the medication with your camper.

*Important* Camp is not the time to experiment with new medications or put your camper on a “medication holiday.” Because of the structured schedule at camp, campers with ADD/ADHD often have a better experience if they stay on their medication while at camp.

Illness or Injury

If your Camper becomes ill while at camp, we will contact you to pick him/her up. If your camper is injured, we will take necessary steps to provide first aid. If we are unable to reach you in the event your camper needs medical care, he/she will be transported to the hospital by an Everyday California vehicle or ambulance.

It is very important that you notify our Camp Director of any changes in your work or emergency phone numbers.

Our main goal for summer camp is have fun learning how to surf in a safe environment. Our experienced instructors are eager to share their passion for surfing with your camper. Our instructors are all certified in lifeguarding, CPR, first aid, and have experience teaching the fundamentals of surfing. We can't wait to meet you!

Kids Surf Camps FAQ

Everyday California Surf Camps are for kids ages 6-13.
We highly recommend that your child knows basic swimming skills before attempting to surf. We can provide a life jacket if requested.
On Monday morning, (the first day of camp) the drop off spot is our shop location at 2261 Avenida De La Playa. After that, each pick up and drop off spot is the same location: This location is where the south end of the La Jolla Shores grass park meets the north end of the Kellogg Parking lot. This location can be found in your Parents Packet at the time of booking.
Lunch will not be provided. If your camper has signed up for the full day camp, please make sure to pack a lunch. Each Friday we will have pizza!