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a everyday California flag magnet on the front of a fridge covered in Everyday California stickers

California Souvenirs: Take a Piece of Your Adventure Home

Beach days, ocean breezes, and endless sunlight made your California vacation amazing. Why not bring some of your experience home to remember? Everyday California goods let you bring California hom...
two people sitting on a sunny beach with two blue umbrellas for sun protection

Stay Sun-Smart: The Top 3 Sun Protection Products That Will Protect You And The Ocean

As summer approaches, protect your skin from the sun's rays. Traditional sun protection products may harm the ocean's delicate ecosystem, so use environmentally friendly ones. Our top three sun pro...
Multiple kids hanging from the monkey bars on the beach two girls and two boys wearing everyday California clothes

Kid-Friendly Fun: Everyday California Products for the Little Adventurers

California's beaches and waterways offer limitless adventures for all ages, especially kids. Everyday California is your guide to family-friendly seaside tours. We'll investigate products and servi...
A boy and a girl talking on the beach with shoes off and very close to the water

California Beach Essentials: What to Pack for a Day by the Sea

The perfect necessities may make or break a California beach day. Being prepared guarantees a great beach experience in San Diego, Malibu, or any of California's lovely coastal spots. You'll learn ...
Kids Surf Clothing Essentials

Kids Surf Clothing Essentials

Surfing is a lifestyle that begins with kids and lasts a lifetime. So why not start dressing your little one in the coolest surfer gear from California as early as possible?
a girl wearing a floating waterproof hat in front of the ocean

Why You Absolutely, Positively, 100% NEED a Floating Waterproof Snapback!

Gather around as we plunge into the wet and wild world of snapbacks. No ordinary snapback! The incredible, unique Floating Waterproof Snapback! Why do I need superhero-style headgear that floats an...
Behind the Seams: The Cabrillo

Behind the Seams: The Cabrillo

If you haven’t noticed, we name a lot of our gear after the places we love in California. Some of them are well known, some of them not so much. The Cabrillo is the latter.
See What Mens Fitness Calls Their Go To Hat

See What Mens Fitness Calls Their Go To Hat

The future of hats is here, and it's super dry. Say hello to your new waterproof, floating, aviator-grade, all-purpose go-to hat.
This Shirt is Perfect for the Office, Better for the Bar

This Shirt is Perfect for the Office, Better for the Bar

We’re sandy, salty, and now we’re coming in extra stylish. Our creative team got together to make you the shirt that’s perfect for the office and even better for the bar.