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What Everyday Employees Do When There’s No Waves

Everyday California offers sun, surf, and adventure on San Diego's beautiful beaches. We're known for our thrilling ocean adventures, but have you wondered what our amazing crew does when there are no waves? Join us as we explore our team members' diverse lifestyles, from classes and delicious meals to artistic activities.

Everyday California is synonymous with sun, surf, and adventure, and is nestled on the magnificent shores of San Diego. We're well-known for our exciting ocean excursions and water sports activities, but have you ever wondered what our fantastic team does when there are no waves to ride? Join us on an adventure as we unveil our team members' vibrant and diversified lifestyles, from attending classes and relishing wonderful meals to following artistic pursuits and hitting the books.

Snorkel The Calm Waters 

Snorkeling underwater in San Diego with blue water and neon goggles

Everyday Californians are great surfers and snorkelers. When the ocean is quiet and the waves are low, they snorkel the vivid underwater ecosystem. Snorkeling is a fun method for everyone to engage with the ocean due to its beautiful abundant marine life especially here in La Jolla. Whether they're surfing or diving, it shows their love of nature.

Soak Up The Sun

Two San Diego girls on the beach enjoying the summer sun

Our Everyday California team is privileged to live in the lovely city of San Diego. When they're not busy giving spectacular ocean experiences, they make the most of their downtime by immersing themselves in San Diego culture. Our crew knows how to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings, whether it's enjoying leisurely strolls along the beach, hiking through gorgeous trails, or simply soaking up the year-round sunshine.

Continuing Education

Everyday California staff attends classEducation is extremely important in the lives of our employees. Many of them are students at prestigious San Diego colleges, juggling academics with daring occupations. They are committed to personal and professional development, whether they are attending classes at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), San Diego State University (SDSU), or other local universities.


Fulfilling Culinary Cravings

Everyday California staff enjoy beers together

San Diego has something for everyone when it comes to cuisine and drinks. Our staff enjoys exploring the diverse culinary scene, which includes everything from beachfront pubs to sophisticated brunch spots. Our workforce knows how to appreciate good food and wonderful company, whether it's indulging in scrumptious fish tacos, sipping on craft beers, or experiencing different cuisines.

Metalwork and Jewelry Making

Jewelry making San Diego

Our team members are a creative lot outside of the surf. Many of them express their creative side through hobbies such as metal/jewelry making. Our workforce finds serenity and joy in producing beautiful wearable art, whether it's making unique items inspired by the ocean or experimenting with different patterns.

Everyday California's staff is committed to not just providing wonderful ocean excursions, but also to living life to the fullest. When there are no waves to ride, they immerse themselves in San Diego's rich culture, education, and creativity. Their lives are as varied and colorful as the city itself, from attending classes and eating excellent meals to pursuing artistic activities and studying hard. Join us in honoring the incredible people who make Everyday California more than simply a site for adventure, but a community of vibrant, passionate people.

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