Kelly Slater inspired halloween costume ideas with everyday California

Last Minute Costume? No worries, we got you.

Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be thinking, "What on Earth am I going to wear?" Whether you've been caught up in a busy schedule or just love the thrill of last-minute costume creativity, we're here to rescue you from the costume chaos. 

We've put together a list of quick, easy, and fun costume ideas that'll have you looking fantastic in no time.

1. Kelly Slater – The Surfer Extraordinaire:

(World Surf League Trophies Not Included)

Kelly Slater Last Minute Costume

What You'll Need:

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Everyday Boardshorts Men's SPF Rashguard

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Going as the legendary surfer, Kelly Slater, is not only simple but also a great homage to this iconic waterman. Grab your board shorts, a rash guard, and perfect the classic surfer attitude. You'll surf Halloween in style!

2. Bubbles – The Beloved Powerpuff Girl:

Bubbles Last Minute Costume

What You'll Need:

Dylan Hoodie Nora Beach Pants
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Become Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls with just your Everyday California gear! Slip into your comfy Dylan hoodie and Nora beach pants, and embrace the carefree attitude of this beloved character. The best part? You'll look awesome not only on Halloween but all year round!


3. Jake Cronenworth - The Baseball Sensation:

Jake Cronenworth

What You'll Need:

Homebreak Trucker Snapback Hat Cliffside Button Down
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Jake Cronenworth has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball, and now you can pay tribute to this baseball sensation. Throw on you Homebreak Trucker Hat, a Cliffside Button Down and grab a bat or glove for authenticity. To really sell it, wear a determined expression. People will be asking for your autograph in no time!

4. Tourist – The Wanderer of the World:

Snap photos of EVERYTHING with your phone!


What You'll Need:

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Dolores Corduroy Bucket Hat 70's Brutus Towel La Jolla Kayaking Tours
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Finally, why not go as the stereotypical tourist? The outfit is super comfortable and easy to put together. Throw on a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, a towel, and top it off with a bucket hat. You'll look like you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and you'll definitely turn some heads!

These costumes are not only quick to assemble but also a blast to wear. Plus, they're sure to get you into the Halloween spirit in no time! And hey, if you need any last-minute costume pieces or accessories, don't forget to check out our Halloween collection – you're bound to find something that'll complete your look.

Remember, the most important part of any costume is confidence, so wear your outfit with pride. Halloween is a time to have fun and show off your creativity, so embrace your inner Kelly Slater, Bubbles, Jake Cronenworth, or Tourist and enjoy the festivities!

Happy Halloween! 🎃