See What Mens Fitness Calls Their Go To Hat

See What Mens Fitness Calls Their Go To Hat

The future of hats is here, and it's super dry. Say hello to your new waterproof, floating, aviator-grade, all-purpose go-to hat.

By Trey Leslie I Everyday California Head Writer & Resident DJ

Everybody knows baseball as the hat sport. Since the invention of baseball in 1839, ballplayers, their fans, and the general public have been rocking baseball caps on their heads for practical and stylish purposes.

But it’s not the only sport that works better with headwear. Fishing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, or just about any activity where you find yourself in, on or around the water is equally deserving of a practical cap to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes.

For a long time there was no quintessential hat for those of us who love water activities but hate wet hats. There was no single piece of equipment that could do for water sports what the baseball cap does for baseball - only poor, soggy substitutes.

Baseball caps are awesome, but have you ever tried surfing with one? Take our word for it - it’s not fun.

So we (the kind folks at Everyday California) sought to change the world of water sport equipment for the better. As a lifestyle and adventure brand, we understand the need for a hat that keeps your head dry, won’t sink in a body of water, and doesn’t look anything like the rain caps of old.

We decided we didn't want anything to do with umbrella based headwear, but we were also tired of waterlogged headwear that just can’t cut it out on the water.

And, since nobody really wants a plastic hat, we chose one of the coolest materials available on the market - Aviator Flight Satin - and combined it with our classic baseball cap style.

The result? Don’t ask us, ask Michael Rodio, avid outdoorsman and Senior Digital Editor at Men’s Fitness Magazine:

"I’ve had plenty of go-to fishing hats in my time, and more than a few of them met their watery end in the Atlantic before anybody managed to fish them out of the drink. Now I just wear this nylon floating snapback from Everyday California. It stayed impressively dry in my rainy day tests, and it’s now my go-to cap on days when the Beaufort scale (and the salt spray) are more than a little menacing." 

Well said, Michael. As I mentioned above, that nylon he refers to is Aviator Flight Satin: the same material originally used for flight-grade aviator jackets. It’s waterproof, windproof, extremely tough, and, when combined with our hat design, 100% buoyant. Perfect for any outdoor activity, rain, wind or shine.

I wouldn’t say our Floating Waterproof Snapback is the last hat you’ll ever need, but as a part of Men’s Fitness’ 20 best pieces of beach and boating gear as well as USA Today’s 10 stylish items that’ll keep you dry, it might be the most practical item you own.


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