Kids Surf Clothing Essentials

Kids Surf Clothing Essentials

Surfing is a lifestyle that begins with kids and lasts a lifetime. So why not start dressing your little one in the coolest surfer gear from California as early as possible?

Surfing is a lifestyle that begins with kids and lasts a lifetime. So why not start dressing your little one in the coolest surfer gear from California as early as possible?

Whether you live by the beach or inland, life by the ocean is something you can keep year-round. That's why at Everyday California, we keep an awesome collection of baby and kid-sized surf apparel.

Casual Gear


Kids Floating Waterproof Snapback Hat

Made for your little beach bum, the Floating Waterproof Snapback is gonna stay on their head through even the craziest shenanigans. Throw it on 'em, lather them in sunscreen, and relax knowing they're protected. Plus, it floats. We think that's pretty cool.

Kids Mini Marlin

The smaller, cuter version of our best-selling Marlin hat. This baseball-style cap is just right if you want your little groms to stay fresh and perfect for matching with its bigger half.


Mini Simply Tee

Our Mini Simply Tee is made super soft, and it features Brutus, the Bear! It's so cool your kid won't want to take it off.

Sun Chaser Kid's Tee

A shirt for your little ray of sunshine, the Sun Chaser Tee will brighten any day with a sunny disposition on your tiny beam of light.

Crusher Kid's Tee

The Kids Crusher Tee features our classic Brutus logo surrounded by the colors of a sunset over the water. Bring the sunny & bright California spirit wherever you wander.

Santa Cruz Kid's Tee

Keep your Grom styling in our Santa Cruz Tee. Start them young on their surf education, showing them the waves of Steamer Lane and all the famous breaks of the central coast. One day your future pro shredder will surf Santa Cruz.

Zuma Kid's Tee

Every kid needs a cute graphic tee. The Zuma features simple color-blocked lines and EDCA Surf Co. text on the left chest, keeping it cool and casual.

Cambria Kid's Tee

Made from super soft cotton, our Cambria tee will keep your kiddo looking cool on the playground & at the beach all year long. Warning: your little one won't want to take this cute tee off!

Long Sleeves


Mini Simply Long Sleeve Tee

Our Mini Simply Brutus is here in a long sleeve! It's made from fabric so soft your kiddo will never want to take it off, and it features Brutus, the Bear!

El Joven Long Sleeve Tee

A soft, deep blue fabric with classic California style. Featuring our signature Brutus Flag, comfort never looked so adorable! Now in a long sleeve, just in time for the colder seasons!


 Kid's Mini Hoodie

This is the perfect hoodie for that little human in your life. It's soft and stylish so they can look and feel good too!

Ready to Surf

Rash Guard

Youth SPF Rash Guard

When your little one is in the sun all day, sometimes a regular ol' shirt isn't enough. Crafted out of ultra-light, quick-drying fabric, this technical rashguard was made for our little friends who work and play outside and want a little more protection from the sun.

 Runs in the Family

Baby Onesies

Baby Brutus Onesie

We've got style covered for the newest edition to your family! The Baby Brutus Onesie is soft and awesome, perfect for your little grom.

Sunshine Brutus Onesie

We've got style covered for the newest light of your life! The Sunshine Brutus Onesie is soft and awesome, perfect for your little one.

Getting an Early Start: Surfing Tips for Kids

Kids Surfing Essentials

Having the proper equipment is critical when preparing your child to begin surfing. Even if your young surfer is growing and wants new equipment as they age, it is still crucial to invest in high-quality equipment.

A surfing kids checklist includes:

  • Foam top surfboard in medium to long length (6' - 9')
  • Pack a beach bag with snacks, water, sunscreen, towels, and first aid supplies.
  • Boardshorts and swimwear
  • For post-surf sessions, warm clothing, such as slacks, hoodies, fleece, jackets, and hats.
  • Booties, rash guards, and surf vests
  • Kids wetsuit in colder weather

Kids Surfing Tips

Teach Them to be Strong Swimmers

Of course, this is the most important surfing requirement. Learning to swim safely is the first step in learning to surf. Swim classes will help your youngster become confident, interested, and protected in the water. The earlier you begin swim lessons, the more comfortable your kid will feel in the ocean. Introduce them as soon as possible if you have access to the ocean. It's also a good idea to get used to submerging in case of a wipeout (which will inevitably happen).

Get Them Excited

Kids enjoy doing things that they are enthusiastic about. Surfing can be quite technical, but that is something that can be learned later. First, build anticipation and excitement for the action. Introduce your new surfer to the surfboard as soon as possible, even if it means crawling on it on the floor of your living room. When they're ready, make it all about having fun. If there is any hesitation before or during a session, don't force it. A youngster who is forced to do something will most likely not want to do it again, whereas a child who is having fun would want to keep going back.

Practice on Land

For example, standing up on the board might be particularly difficult for children to learn while out on the water. Because some younger children may not yet have figured out their center of gravity or are still fine-tuning their motor abilities, training on firm ground is a much easier place to start. Allow your children to practice paddling out and standing up as you teach them the right methods. This can also help them develop muscle memory so that it comes more effortlessly when they hit the waves.

Choose the Right Board

When teaching youngsters how to surf, choosing the correct surfboard is critical for both safety and enjoyment. Putting them on the wrong board increases the likelihood of accidents and frustration. If they're young, start them on a boogie board, which is one of the simplest and quickest ways to learn to ride the waves. If they're old enough, they can ride a foam top surfboard. They are lightweight, stable, safe, and simple to paddle, which will help you gain confidence on the water. Depending on your child's age, look for one between 6 and 9 feet tall.

Keep Them Warm

Children prefer to be as comfy as possible. If you're surfing in water colder than 70 degrees, ensure you have the appropriate kids' surf equipment to keep them warm. For colder temperatures, a full wetsuit is appropriate. When deciding on wetsuit thickness, go for a thicker wetsuit than you would normally choose. For example, if you'd be comfortable in a 3/2 mm wetsuit, buy a 4/3 mm kid's wetsuit. You'll also want to ensure that the wetsuit fits perfectly. Kids quickly assess whether something is too tight or unpleasant, so take the time to get the sizing just right. A comfy kid's wetsuit will be worn again and again, making learning to surf more fun.

Outside of the water, it's equally critical to keep your surfer warm. After your surf session, grab some hoodies, coats, or slacks to conclude your day on a high (and toasty) note while you spend the rest of your day at the shore.

Go With a Crew

Remember the tip about making things more exciting? Having a crew can help with this. Having a group of supportive friends or family members might make studying less frightening. If your grom is in a group with other kids their age, they can all assist each other learn. Even better, they'll create some of the strongest ties in their own surf community. Enrolling your child in surf lessons is a terrific opportunity for them to meet other surfers their age. This is also a good chance to meet some other cool surfer families.

Be Patient

Some children may lack the necessary strength, while others may struggle with their coordination. Some children have rapid development spurts and have not yet adjusted to their body type, causing their balance to be somewhat off. You alleviate the pressure to do well by displaying tolerance and understanding, resulting in a more enjoyable encounter.

Always End on a Good Wave

This is true regardless of age. A mainstay in any seasoned surfers regimen. Always attempt to finish your sessions on a high note. This does not always imply catching the perfect wave at the finish, but it would be great. Instead, it implies concluding on a high note. Use the bad times as learning opportunities and highlight all of the wonderful things that happened. Remember that teaching children to surf should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Dress For the Job

Surf and swim, hang out with friends, or party on the beach. Whether your kid is hitting the surf, hanging with the crew, or just chilling at home - Everyday California has the kids' surf clothes they need to look good anywhere they go.