Everyday California Films

We don't just sell the California lifestyle, we live it.

All of these films were shot and edited in house by the team at Everyday California in La Jolla, CA. We're stoked to share the California lifestyle with everyone!


From exploring the Seven Sea Caves in a kayak to stand up paddle boarding around the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, we love spreading the stoke with locals and travelers alike! Check out our footage to get a glimpse of the unique marine life in La Jolla, from the best seat in the house (a kayak).

Photo of a whale in the ocean.
Underwater photo of a sea turtle

The waters of La Jolla are home to diverse microhabitats, fish, and marine mammals. Check out the videos above of our Whale Watching Kayak Tour, and Snorkeling in the reserve.

While migratory animals like Grey Whales and Leopard Sharks pass through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve seasonally, the Marine Protected Area functions as a permanent home for some of the other animals featured in the videos above like playful California Sea Lions, elusive Green Sea Turtles, bright orange Garibaldi, and majestic Bat Rays.Click Here to learn more about the animals that inhabit and pass through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.

Photo of a kayaker inside a sea cave
Aerial drone photo of the La Jolla Seven Sea Caves

A quick look at what it's like to go on a Kayak and Snorkel Tour with Everyday California, and a glimpse inside the Clam Cave - one of the Seven Sea Caves in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.

Photo of a man at a counter renting a kayak
Photo of a man carrying a stand up paddle board down a sidewalk

Check out the videos above for a walkthrough of renting a Kayak or Paddle Board from Everyday California.

Want to make some memories of your own?

Check out our ToursLessons and Rentals.


We partnered up with Resident Brewing to create a liquid manifestation of California. Originally, California IPAs had a strong, hoppy taste with a touch of pine. Now, a juicy citrusy flavor is preferred. We included both in our beer, which we call the Everyday California IPA.

Photo of a man sitting in a dark pub drinking beer

You guys loved our beer so much, that we made beer gear.