Marine Protected Area

The La Jolla Marine Protected Area, also known as the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and Underwater Park, encompasses 6,000 acres of underwater life. Starting from the Seven Sea Caves to the south, it extends westward past Seal Beach, reaching as far North as the Scripps Pier.

The wildlife diversity in La Jolla Cove is made possible by the support of 4 distinct micro-habitats. Each habitat has unique characteristics that give different animals the resources to thrive and call our underwater park their home.

The unique shape of La Jolla Cove protects much of the area from larger surf, making it an ideal environment for wildlife to raise their young. And since all this diverse wildlife being protected, La Jolla Cove is a perfect location for an ocean kayak adventure!

Fun Fact: Only 2% of the world’s ocean water is protected by State and Federal Law, making La Jolla one of the few places to see protected wildlife in their natural habitat.