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Reef Safe Mineral Based Everyday California Sunscreen

Spray Sunscreen That Actually Works (& Won’t Kill The Planet)

Your skin deserves the best, and mineral spray sunscreen gives you chemical-free, sun-safe, and reef-safe protection in a single handy bottle. Say farewell to concerns about chemicals and sunburns ...
FAQ's On Whale Watching in San Diego

FAQ's On Whale Watching in San Diego

Answers to all your questions about seeing whales in SD
Surfboards lined up along the fence of a house in Pacific Beach San Diego

Surfing Holidays

Surfing vacations are thrilling glimpses of boards, waves, and endless possibilities. San Diego is a great area to surf, regardless of experience or desire to catch your first wave. We'll cover San...
two guys walking on the coastline of San Diego wearing everyday California apparel

Beginner's Guide to La Jolla Surfing in San Diego: Where to Learn to Surf

Do you dream of surfing San Diego's La Jolla coastline? Surfing is enjoyable and can improve your life. Everyday California provides something for everyone, from landlocked people who want to surf ...
San Diego Surf lesson in the waves

Surfing 101: Why You Should Begin with a Surf Lesson

Surfers love San Diego for its sunny beaches and world-class surf. Surfing classes are a great way to start this thrilling pastime. We'll explain why having a lesson before surfing is best, especia...
a stingray swimming underwater in clear blue water

Stingrays in San Diego

San Diego, known for its stunning coastline and plentiful marine life, offers many underwater tours for nature lovers. A hidden gem in San Diego is snorkeling among stingrays. This blog post explor...
on the cliffside of sunset cliffs with an orange and pink sunset on the horizon

Surf Sunset Cliffs

If you've always wanted to surf and live like a surfer, Sunset Cliffs is the place to start. Sunset Cliffs near downtown San Diego is ideal for beginner surfers. This blog post will explain why Sun...
Man in a full wetsuit wind surfing holding onto his sail and surfing the blue water with blue skies.

How to Choose a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are necessary when you’re diving or surfing because they provide safety, security, and warmth. Find out how to choose a wetsuit in this guide.
How To Go Whale Watching in San Diego and La Jolla

How To Go Whale Watching in San Diego and La Jolla

Grey whales begin their migration from the coast of Alaska through the gorgeous beaches of La Jolla, San Diego. Join us for an opportunity to get up close and personal with whales!
Kayak Checklist

Kayak Checklist

Essential packing list for a kayak adventure!
Where to Go Kayaking in Southern California

Where to Go Kayaking in Southern California

The top 5 kayaking locations in Southern California
How to Snorkel: A Beginner's Guide

How to Snorkel: A Beginner's Guide

La Jolla is one of the best places in the world for snorkeling. We want everyone to be able to see the natural beauty of the ecological reserve, so we've made a beginner's guide with all the inform...