Reef Safe Mineral Based Everyday California Sunscreen

Spray Sunscreen That Actually Works (& Won’t Kill The Planet)

Your skin deserves the best, and mineral spray sunscreen gives you chemical-free, sun-safe, and reef-safe protection in a single handy bottle. Say farewell to concerns about chemicals and sunburns and say hello to happy, healthy skin.
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It's critical to protect our skin from damaging UV rays of the blistering sun without sacrificing ecosystems or your safety. We are here to reveal our reef-safe mineral spray sunscreen, the most underrated sun protection. Learn about the advantages of chemical-free and reef-friendly sunscreen that will keep you protected and looking great throughout the summer.

Reef Safe Everyday California Mineral Sunscreen

Why Use Mineral Sunscreen?

For a variety of reasons, people are shifting to mineral-based sunscreen substitutes in their search for the perfect product. Mineral sunscreens, in contrast to conventional chemical sunscreens, provide a kinder and safer method of UV protection. Mineral-based sunscreens block UV rays from entering the skin by forming a physical barrier on the skin's surface without toxic ingredients. They are therefore appropriate for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

Free of Hazardous Chemicals: Are you alarmed by the extensive list of chemicals present in traditional sunscreens? You're not alone. Mineral spray sunscreens have a pure formula devoid of artificial fragrances, phthalates, and parabens. Rather, they use the natural mineral power of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin from UV radiation.

Reef Safe Everyday California Mineral Sunscreen

Reef Safe and Eco-Friendly: Choosing sunscreen that is safe for coral reefs and marine life has become crucial due to rising worries about the effects of sunscreen chemicals on these ecosystems. Mineral spray sunscreens protect your skin without contributing to coral bleaching or harming the environment because they don't contain dangerous chemicals like oxybenzone or octinoxate. By selecting a mineral spray sunscreen, you contribute to the preservation of our priceless marine environments in addition to protecting you.

No Aerosol, No Problem: Aerosol sunscreens have a few disadvantages despite their apparent convenience. They contribute to air pollution in addition to being a risk for inhalation. Our spray sunscreen provides a safe and efficient substitute by applying the product evenly without the use of hazardous propellants. Anywhere you go, you can effortlessly and environmentally protect yourself from the sun.  

In conclusion, our formulation for spray sunscreen is the best when it comes to strong sunscreen that genuinely works! They not only provide strong defense against damaging UV rays, but they also put the environment and your skin's health first. Investing in a reef-safe spray sunscreen is a safer, kinder, and more environmentally friendly method of sun protection. With that in mind, enjoy the summer sun with confidence, knowing that Everyday California has your back—literally!

Check out Everyday California’s Sunscreen Page for more information and other sun protection options. 

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