kayak tour from a bride eye view all in a line about to enter the sea caves on the La Jolla coast

Explore the California Coast: 3 Coastal Tours You Can't Miss

Discover the stunning California Coast with our handpicked coastline tours for a unique experience. This iconic coastline has many natural wonders, from stunning cliffs to clean beaches. Join us on three coastal tours that will amaze you with California's beauty.
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The breathtaking coastline of California is a hidden gem full of adventure, natural beauty, and marine life. There are many attractions along the Pacific coast, from stunning beaches to secret sea caves. Join us at Everyday California for these three coastal tours if you want to have the best coastal experience possible.

orange kayak in the back of the La Jolla Sea Cave called The Clam. Super calm day and clear water.

1. Kayak tour to the La Jolla Seven Caves

Picture yourself gliding over waters that are perfectly transparent, surrounded by craggy rocks and curious sea lions. That sums up the La Jolla Seven Caves Kayak Tour. This renowned excursion takes you deep inside La Jolla's marine reserve, where the natural splendor of the Californian coast truly comes to life.
Seven Caves: Discover the seven marine caves that the waves have carved out over millennia. Each cave has a special personality and secrets that are just waiting to be discovered.
Wildlife Encounters Up Close: Discover lively sea lions, vibrant garibaldi fish, and, depending on the season, perhaps even dolphins or migratory whales.
Expert Direction: This tour will be both instructive and exciting as our skilled guides give unique insights about the marine life, geology, and history of the region.
Ideal for Every Level: This tour is appropriate for all ability levels, regardless of whether you are an experienced kayaker or a novice.
Multiple leopard sharks swimming along the sea floor with super clear and blue water

2. Go Snorkeling With Leopard Sharks

Don't pass up the chance to go snorkeling with leopard sharks off the coast of La Jolla for a genuinely unique experience. Everyday California offers a secure and unforgettable way to get up close to these kind creatures with their distinguishing spots.

Swimming with sharks: Observe the leopard sharks as they gracefully swim across the shallow, clean waters of La Jolla.
Guided Snorkeling: While assuring your security and comfort, our knowledgeable guides will take you to the ideal locations to view these wonderful creatures.
Everything is provided: Fins and snorkels are included in our snorkeling package so you can concentrate on having fun.
Learning insights: Our trained guides can teach you about the natural history and behavior of leopard sharks.
Blonde girl holding up a live sand dollar while in the water surrounded by kayaks

3. Kayak and Snorkel Tour

With our Kayak and Snorkel Tour, you may have the best of both worlds for the ultimate coastal adventure. With this tour, you may kayak the beautiful coastline and then snorkel to discover the underwater world.

Start your adventure off with a leisurely kayak excursion around some of the region's breathtaking caverns and coasts. Anchor in a great snorkeling location next to learn more about the marine creatures below the surface.

Two Activities in One: Make the most of your time on the water by combining the exhilaration of kayaking with the tranquility of snorkeling in a single adventure.

Perfect for Groups: Families, friends, or parties searching for a varied and fun coastal trip would love this tour.

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