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A Newcomer’s Guide to La Jolla Shores Beach

If you’re planning a first-time trip to La Jolla, this handy La Jolla Shores Beach guide will help you prepare for everything this beach offers.

A Newcomer’s Guide to La Jolla Shores Beach

The San Diego area has dozens of beautiful beaches but La Jolla Shores Beach takes the cake if you want to relax, indulge in watersports, or watch the gentle waves wash over the beach. 

This beach is located in the La Jolla neighborhood in San Diego and is approximately one mile long. Here’s a look into what you can expect from this beach.


This beach is located in Camino Del Oro & Calle Frescota, La Jolla, CA 92037; if you’re visiting by car, you’ll be delighted to know there is free parking. The beach is also located next to the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, which you can visit if you’re a fan of snorkeling and scuba diving. 

The beach also features scuba diving schools that teach novice scuba lessons to interested individuals. 

You’ll also be able to enjoy the shade in Kellogg Park which contains two large grassy areas that are used primarily for picnics. Make sure to get to the beach early because it can fill up quickly on sunny summer days. 

Amenities & Activities

The coastline of California with blue waves crashing onto the San Diego sandy cliffs in San Diego

There are plenty of activities you can do at La Jolla Shores Beach. It’s perfect for families with kids and people of all ages who want to get some adrenaline going or to soak up the sun. Here’s what you can do:



Kayaking is a popular choice among La Jolla Shores Beach visitors due to the calm waves and clear water. It’s also a great way of reaching the La Jolla Caves and other interesting sites only accessible by water. 

Kayakers start at the south part of the beach and often go north along the coastline. 


If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick to it, then renting a jet ski or boat are fun experiences that you won’t want to miss. Keep in mind that this is only available to people of legal age and those with a valid boating license. 


While La Jolla Shores Beach doesn’t experience large and strong waves, it’s still a good choice for surfing. Since the beach is pretty long, you’ll have plenty of space to hit the waves in a rather relaxed manner. In fact, this is the perfect spot to learn how to surf!

Scuba Diving

Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or someone looking to take their first lessons, La Jolla Shores Beach is a great place to start. There are a diving school where you’ll be able to learn your first scuba lessons and rent the necessary gear. 

On top of that, there are regular group scuba diving trips with licensed instructors who will take you to the best scuba diving spots. 

Sand Sports 

Seeing how La Jolla Shores is a soft sandy beach with rare instances of pebbles, it comes as no surprise that it’s a popular choice for people who enjoy sand sports. Volleyball, frisbee, catch, and other similar sports are a common sight on this beach. 


Thanks to the clear and warm water, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing dip in the sea or a swim parallel to the coast. Be mindful not to stray too far from the beach as the current can get quite strong occasionally. However, thanks to the calm waves in the hot summer months, your swimming experience should be a relaxing one. 

Beach Walking

Finally, the calm and tranquility one feels when walking along the La Jolla Shores Beach is incredible. The best way to traverse the entire length of the beach is to head north and see the Scripps Pier (and Scripps Beach) and Black’s Beach.

Note: Black’s Beach is Clothing Optional. 


Picnic Area

There is a dedicated picnic area near the main beach which is equipped with various helpful features to make your picnic great. The two grassy areas are pretty large and can accommodate a lot of people but if you want the prime spots in the shade, you’ll have to get there early. 


If the sun is too strong and it’s too hot outside, then a park is the perfect place to catch some shade and take a relaxing walk. There are two parks to choose from - Kellogg Park and La Jolla Shores Park. 

Kellogg Park is larger and features a playground for kids while La Jolla Shores Park has fire pits which are perfect for colder nights at the beach. 


Although this amenity isn’t something you can do or visit, knowing there are lifeguards stationed at strategic distances apart, covering the entire length of the beach is reassuring for all visitors. La Jolla Shores Beach takes visitor safety very seriously so you can rest easy knowing that the lifeguards are always on the lookout. 


While you can rent a boat by yourself, there are also guided group tours. The most popular time of day for such cruises is the evening due to the magical Pacific sunsets that paint the sky. 

Fire Pits

If you’re an outdoorsman who enjoys having a barbeque and preparing your own food, the La Jolla Shores fire pits will be of great use.


Girl with a surfboard about to head into white water to surf with her surfboard

La Jolla Shores Beach is one of the best in the San Diego area thanks to its rich assortment of activities & amenities, and clean, warm water. During most of the summer, the waves are relatively calm, making it an excellent beach for scuba divers, swimmers, and surfers. 

Due to the amount of enrichment and versatility, La Jolla Shores is perfect for all kinds of people, from kids to adults, from individuals to groups, and from friends to family. Visit La Jolla and enjoy your time in the sun!

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