We love the ocean. It's where we started our company over decade ago with a couple kayaks and a beat-up old pickup truck, taking people out on tours of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Being no strangers to working hard (and playing hard) at the beach all day, we knew it was important for us to start taking action in our everyday lives to protect our oceans.

Made for the Sea

We began by ditching our own bad habits: the chemical sunscreens that wreak havoc on our reefs.

After years of perfecting our own reef safe, people safe sunscreen formula, we launched a line of mineral SPF sprays free of toxic ingredients such as oxybenzone, parabens, and phthalates that are known to harm ocean life, and people.

Crafted in California

We ship our apparel all over the world so that everyone can have a small piece of California, no matter where they live. We're committed to creating durable, comfortable apparel, and doing so sustainably. We use eco-friendly inks on the majority of our screen printed clothing, and use sustainable fibers like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, SeaCell™*, and Repreve@. We're always looking for new ways to create greener gear.

High-Quality Clothing, Low Carbon Footprint

As our apparel line continued to grow, we realized that we needed to find an environmentally-responsible
method to ship our products across the globe.

We now use Eco-Mailers made from 100% recycled materials for most of our products, and are aiming to pack all of our products responsibly by the year 2023.

Our Eco-Mailers are recyclable and fully biodegradable, so you won't have to worry about our packaging cluttering oceans and landfills with Forever Plastics, or PFAS.

Giving Back

We partnered with 1% For the Planet to donate a portion of each purchase to environmental nonprofits such as GreenWave and Urban Surf 4 Kids, at no cost to the consumer.

We all want more beach days in the future, and these are some of the steps we're taking to protect the oceans that we love.

A Greener Future

From leopard sharks to sea turtles, to cormorants and gray whales, to see the La Jolla Ecological Reserve is to love it and know it's worth preserving and protecting. Thank you for helping us do that.

To date, you've given back over $100,000 to organizations that are committed to protecting nature, and connecting people to the healing power of the outdoors.

Our goal as a business has always been to make fun happen, create cool products, and use our business to protect the environment. As our business grows, so does the amount that we're able to give back, and it's all thanks to YOU!