Why We Decided to Save Our Planet: 1% at a Time

Why We Decided to Save Our Planet: 1% at a Time

Ever wondered what we do to give back to the environment? Check out our collaboration with 1% For The Planet.

By Trey Leslie I Everyday California Head Writer & Resident DJ

It might be easy to imagine us at Everyday California as a scatter-brained group of sunburnt beach bums, but the health and condition of our planet is constantly on our mind.

As an ocean adventure company and a California lifestyle brand, a huge part of our business (and a lot of our time) is directly affected by the sea. Naturally, we want to do everything we can to ensure that our activities don’t have a negative effect on the little piece of the planet we call home.

In the past, we’ve done what we could to support the environment: beach cleanups, collecting trash floating in our ocean throughout our tours, and sourcing sustainable, local fabric for our apparel. But we’ve always felt we could do more for our favorite planet.

That’s when we decided to partner with 1% For The Planet. The result of our collaboration is beautifully simple: 1% of what we make is donated to preserving planet Earth. Period.

“We bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.

1 % For The Planet

That means from any purchase you make through us (whether it’s a rad new hat or an awesome kayak tour), 1% of that money is going to the best protectors of the environment. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

We look at this opportunity as a way to invest directly back into the ocean that gives us so much every season of the year: we play with whales in the Winter, share La Jolla with people from all around the world in the Summer, and enjoy our full array of ocean adventure awesomeness in the Spring and Fall.

If you’re looking for a way to start protecting the ocean and planet that you love, then join us! Remember, a portion of any purchase you make goes to keeping Earth as beautiful as the globe in your 7th grade science class.

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