Trip Tips: Sunset Cliffs

By Robin Bigge  I Photographer and Meme Connoisseur

Sunset Cliffs is not only one of the most iconic places in San Diego, but perhaps one of the most beautiful.

This one and a half mile stretch of coastline offers multiple walkable cliff trails and some amazing lookout spots to drop a blanket. Wondering how it got its name? If you didn’t already guess, Sunset Cliffs is one of the best places in all of San Diego to catch a sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Click here to check out 7 of the other best views in San Diego. 

But what else is there? Plenty! Sunset Cliffs is also a great and well known surf spot, with breaks all along the cliff sides. On any given day you can see people out there waiting for waves! Surfing not your thing? How about exploring? Sunset Cliffs also houses a unique and breathtaking sea cave with an open “ceiling”!

Pro Tip: Just up the hill from Sunset Cliffs, towards Point Loma, is another great lookout spot if you want to catch a view of the downtown San Diego skyline!

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