La Jolla Kayak and Snorkel Tours

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    Exceptionally memorable kayak tours of one of the most unique coastline spots in the world. Stand Up Paddleboards, Surf Boards, Boogie Boards—We’ve got plenty of ways to explore the reserve on your own. Come play in the water with us, interact with a variety of marine life and live the dream.

    We’re the only action water sports clothing company that actually does action water sports. Our authenticity can’t be matched and our style reflects our passion for the California Dream. We live it, we wear it and we want you too as well. Join us in living the dream.

    We’ve only just begun. We’re spreading the dream and making the Everyday California lifestyle a global brand. California is more than a place; it’s a state of mind and we want to enable those already living the dream to share it around the world with the Everyday California global brand.


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The beauty of California is in its sandy beaches, iconic coastline and sunsets beyond description. In its carefree attitudes and no worries. Sandals and boardshorts everyday of the year. It’s a lifestyle, a choice to live life to the fullest and have fun everyday. It’s a tradition of truly living the dream. California is a State of Mind. And it’s everyday. It’s our passion and an expression we put into every aspect of our company from our apparel to our guided kayak tours of La Jolla.

We’re Everyday California and we want you to share our passion and live the California Dream. Passionate waterman are the core of our company, providing safe and incredibly fun La Jolla kayak tours and snorkeling adventures of one of the most unique coastlines in all of California. The abundant marine life including sea lions, Garibaldi fish, harmless leopard sharks, dolphins and even whales are another part of what makes our tours so fun. Spend the day with us and you’ll see why kayaking the La Jolla Sea Caves and Ecological Reserve is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego and a must-have experience! Our tours are perfect for families, small to large groups, friends and couples, etc.

In addition to our fantastic tours you can go off on your own by renting a kayak, stand up paddleboard, surfboard, snorkel equipment or bodyboard. Unforgettable experiences await you! But it doesn’t stop with the end of a tour or the return of a rental. Those amazing moments you share with us are part of our stylistic expression and the California lifestyle you’ll find in our apparel. A clean-cut, beach, casual style inspired by and created in La Jolla with the quality and comfort you’d expect from the jewel of the sea.

Everyday California truly reflects the athletic, health-conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle of California!