Thinking of learning how to stand up paddleboard in Ocean Beach?

While learning to go Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Ocean Beach might seem desirable, in reality it might not be! Ocean Beach on average has higher surf than most spots in San Diego, so unless you catch a rare calm day, you won’t be really having a good time out on the water. And what is there to see? The pier (which is a surf zone) and that’s about it. Instead, explore the La Jolla Ecological Reserve on a paddleboarding adventure! You’ll have the chance to see the beauty of La Jolla and it’s rich marine life, and explore inside the Clam Cave; one of La Jolla’s Seven Sea Caves.

Watch sea lions sunbathing on the rocks, and see our California State fish, the bright orange Garibaldi, swimming under your kayak in La Jolla Cove. On the way back you’ll have the opportunity to surf your kayak back to shore.

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