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From Beaches to Mountains: Elevate Your Look with California Hats

California, land of sunshine and cool hats. Whether you were born in California or just wish you were, our California hats will make you feel like a West Coast warrior in no time. Our store has waterproof hats, camper hats, and more that will make you the talk of the boardwalk. What's the holdup? Come let us add California magic to your life, one hat at a time.
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Hi there, fellow explorers of fashion! Get ready for an amazing journey through the trendiest headwear this side of the Pacific!

California Hats: A Blend of Style and Sunshine 

Ah, California, the state where there is always sunshine and somebody wearing cool hats. Our hats will make you feel like a real West Coast warrior in no time, regardless of whether you were born in California or just wish you were. Our store is filled with headgear that will make you the talk of the boardwalk (or the backyard BBQ), from waterproof wonders to camper hats. So why hold off? Listed below are a few of our favorite options for everyone:

a man wearing a casual dad hat from everyday California

Dad Hats: Dads Are Fashionable, I Think?

Let us begin with dad hats, the pinnacle of casual headwear. You know, those dependable caps that your dad used to wear (and maybe still does)? Hey, look! They're back! Our designs shout "I'm cool, but maybe a little bit responsible," taking the dad hat trend to new heights. Therefore, our dad hats have you covered both literally and figuratively, whether you're pretending to be a surfer or going on a coffee run.

Everyday California Corduroy Bucket Hat

Corduroy Bucket Hats: Reviving the '90s

Are you prepared to travel back in time? With their corduroy bucket hats, these will take you back to the heyday of the 1990s. Nevertheless, fear not—we've given these archaic artifacts a contemporary makeover, making you appear less "Saved by the Bell" and more "Saved by the Swell." Our corduroy bucket hats are ideal for embracing your inner grunge god or goddess because of their soft, velvety fabric and carefree style—no Nirvana CD needed.

Black and white 5 panel camper hat from everyday California

Camper Hats: For the Outdoor Adventure Lover

Weekend warriors and lovers of the great outdoors, unite! For individuals who like to add a dash of style to their adventures, our camper hats are the ideal accessory. Whether it's an unexpected snowstorm or an unplanned game of capture the flag, these hats are designed to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at you thanks to the 5-panel design to keep your noggin warm. The great outdoors has just become even more amazing, so gather your compass, lace up your hiking boots, and don't forget to pack your camper hat.

Floating waterproof snapback on the water from everyday California

Waterproof Hats: Since Soaked Hair Never Looks Good

Let's not forget about wet hair, which is one of the many fashion faux pas. Nevertheless, have no fear—our waterproof hats are here to save the day—as well as your hairstyle. Rain or shine, these hats will keep you dry and stylish because they are made of water-resistant materials and have fashionable yet functional designs. Thanks to Everyday California, you can say goodbye to soggy hair and hello to hair that's as impeccable as your sense of style.

In conclusion, Everyday California has the headgear of your dreams, whether you're in need of a dad hat, an outdoor hat, or something in between. Visit our website or flagship store now, and together, let's create some unforgettable memories. Because, especially in the Golden State, life is too short to wear dull hats! 

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