The USA’s Best Surf Camp - California Surf School

The USA’s Best Surf Camp - California Surf School

There are a lot of surfing camps out there, and it might be hard to know what to search for. Ready to take the plunge and join a surfing camp? Check out our expert guide.
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How to Find the Best Surf Camp in the USA

Ready to take the plunge and join a surfing camp?

If you said yes, you should be delighted because you are about to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

There are a lot of surfing camps out there, and it might be hard to know what to search for. The following tips will help you select the ideal surf camp for your needs.

Booking a surf camp is a terrific way to learn how to surf if you're a beginner. But what exactly is a surf camp? And how can you figure out which camp and teachers are the best? Here is our top advice for selecting the ideal camp for you!

In the sea, fun and new acquaintances from all over the world await you. The surf instructors will lead you in the water, and the staff at the surf camp will give you an enjoyable experience away from the waves. – Welcome to the world of a surf camp!

What to Look for in a Surf Camp

Simply put, a surf camp is a camp devoted to the sport of surfing. Surf camps varry from a day excursion to a week-long trip. You’ll be able to find a surf camp located in some of the world's top surf spots. You might associate a surf camp with only the surfing lessons, but there's so much more to it than that!

When looking for the best camp to attend, keeping a few factors in mind is important. Both the camp's location and the facilities it offers are crucial.

Many factors, including cost and your own preferences, should be weighed before settling on a course of action. Continue reading to learn how to select the best surf camp for you!

Skill Level

Your current skill level is one of the first things you’ll want to consider when hunting for a surf camp. There are several different levels of surfing programs, ranging from beginner to advanced.

It’s essential to consider your level and whether the camp you’re interested in offers a suitable program. An advanced camp might be right for you if you want to take your skills to the next level. If you’re a beginner, an introductory camp is your best bet.

Surfing is much more than simply learning how to stand up on a surfboard and ride a wave, and we treat the entire pastime with the respect it deserves.


Another crucial thing to consider when looking for a surf camp is the type of instructors you’ll be learning from. Ideally, you want instructors who are passionate about surfing and skilled at sharing their knowledge with others.

Depending on the camp, you might be able to choose from several different instructors, each with their own specialties. Our expert instructors are all certified in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid, and teach the fundamentals of surfing at La Jolla Shores, one of the best locations in the country to learn to surf!

It’s wise to research the instructors you’re considering to ensure you get the best possible experience.


If you’re going to a surf camp, you’ll want to ensure the area has consistent weather patterns. Ideally, you want an area with consistent weather year-round, so you can learn to surf no matter what time of year it is.

You can plan your schedule around the surf conditions and maximize learning time. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the area's climate might affect your learning experience in other ways.

Surf Conditions

Not only do you want to make sure the area you’re considering has consistent weather patterns, but you also want to consider the surf conditions in the area. Ideally, you want to choose an area with waves appropriate for your skill level.

Not only is it essential to pick a spot with waves that are appropriate for your skill level, but it’s also wise to pick a location with consistent waves. This will help you build the habits and skills you need to become a great surfer.


Before searching for a surf camp, you’ll want to ensure you have a budget. Depending on the level of program you want to attend, surf camps can vary widely in price. You can expect to pay between $200 and $2,000 per week, depending on each camp's amenities and the location you choose.

Ideally, you want to find a program within your price range that offers the best possible experience. You don’t want to skimp on your surfing education, but you don’t want to break the bank.


When looking for a surf camp, it’s also a good idea to find one that’s environmentally conscious and sustainable. Ideally, you want a camp that works to protect the surrounding environment, the oceans, and marine life.

Surf camps often host events that raise awareness about protecting the oceans and marine life, so it’s a great way to get involved with local efforts and make a difference in the world around you. 

Everyday California donates a portion of every sale to organizations like Greenwave, which seeks to create a new blue-green economy that creates jobs, minimizes climate change, and nourishes local communities with healthy food through 3D ocean farming, thanks to our partnership with 1% For the Planet. We are committed to preserving and protecting the ocean and its marine life, which led us to start our company.

Top 7 Surf School States in the USA

The famous "Golden Coast" is the most well-known surf school state in the country, with over 800 surf schools in the state alone. You’ll find great surfing down the coast of California — the north, with its warmer water and longer seasons, and the south, with its summer swells.

Surf and weather conditions change frequently, so if you want to get a feel for the water, you’ll want to visit several times as the seasons change. The best times to visit are between May and September when the water temperatures are warmest.

There are several popular surf breaks in the state, most of which have been featured in surfing competitions.

Our camp at La Jolla Shores is one of the best spots to learn how to surf!

The calm waters of La Jolla Shores, consistently voted one of the best spots in San Diego for beginner and intermediate surfers, are an ideal place to learn how to surf in a fun, yet safe environment.

Your instructors will ensure that you are safe and having fun throughout the lesson. No prior experience is required, and all necessary equipment is provided.


While traveling south down the coast of the Beaver State, we first face the rugged Olympic Peninsula's rain forests, which are dominated by the ancient wilderness energy. From there, we cross the endless, monotonous stretches of nondescript beachbreak. The Oregon coast is home to the world's longest stretch of open ocean, a 362-mile graveyard of ships and mariners.

Oregon is a hub for water sports, with several rivers and lakes offering year-round activities.

The surf in Oregon is consistent, but you should note that water temperatures are colder than in other states. This is because the state is close to the Pacific Ocean, which has a big effect on the weather in the area.

If you’re visiting during the winter, you’ll want to pack a wetsuit, gloves, and a warm jacket—or wait until spring or summer.


Florida is a water-centric state, so it's no surprise that it has one of the best surf schools in the country. Visitors can enjoy excellent surfing all year, but the best months are October to March.

If you’re visiting Florida’s during winter breaks, you’ll still want to bring your board, as the water is warm enough for year-round surfing. If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, plenty of inland lakes and canals are perfect for paddle boarding.

There are lots of good breaks in the area between the Georgia border and Cape Canaveral National Seashore, including Mayport Poles, one of the few locations where you can surf good and clean during a hurricane. Other good surf spots include St. Augustine's Blowhole, New Smyrna Beach, and New Smyrna Beach, which is the most reliable place in all of Florida.


While it’s not a state that comes to mind when you think of surfing, Maine has some of the best surfing in the country. Its cold waters are rich in nutrients, which create a thriving ecosystem and make it the ideal area for lobster harvesting.

Maine’s rich ocean waters are great for harvesting but also ideal for surfing. The Atlantic coastline is perfect for surfing, with warm waters and consistent waves. Maine’s best surf breaks are in the state's southwestern portion.


Maryland is another state that might not come to mind when you think of surfing, but it has some of the best surf in the country. Maryland’s surfing season begins in October and lasts through March.

a tourist hamlet crowded with visitors from June to Labor Day, located on a barrier island in the heart of more than 100 miles of beach breaks from Assateague Island. Due to the crowds, learning to surf at Ocean City may be scary, but the 15-minute journey south to Assateague Island is worth it if you catch the perfect tide.

The area extends from the northern end of the hotel district on 42nd Street to the 89th Street Army garrison at Fort Story.This spot is easy to get to, has a variety of sandbar breaks, and is best for riding when the wind is from the southwest.

The North End's surf is best around the chest to head high, although it can take more. The north and south swells are joint, and the residents are polite enough to share.

If you’re visiting Maryland for surfing, you’ll want to check out Ocean City, the most famous surf break in the state. Ocean City is a beach resort town on the Atlantic coast. It has a lot of shops and restaurants for surfers.


Michigan is an inland surf school state that has plenty of inland lakes and canals ideal for paddle boarding. It’s also home to Lake Michigan, which has a long history of surfing. Michigan’s surfing season runs from October to April, and or you can venture to the several surf breaks located near the city of Chicago.

North Carolina

North Carolina's greatest valued asset is not Michael Jordan, barbecue, or tobacco (or even tobacco litigation), but rather the surfing in the Outer Banks. North Carolina is another state that might come to mind when you think of surfing. Its coastal waters are warm enough to enjoy surfing all year round. If you’re visiting North Carolina for surfing, you’ll want to check out the Outer Banks.

Hatteras and its neighboring beaches provide a refreshing infusion of regular and hollow surf for the parched traveler, from the northern beaches of Corolla to the holly and palmetto-lined roadways of Frisco — and farther south to the island of Ocracoke.

The Outer Banks has justifiably been the most lauded and well-documented of North Carolina's surf locations for decades. This barrier island is a popular tourist destination and home to many of the state’s best surf breaks. It’s also a great place to spot migrating whales during their annual migration.

EDCA's San Diego Surf Camp

Since 2010, Everyday California has been involved in the surf business. Our surf activities in San Diego are a wonderful way for youngsters to spend their summer vacation. Our experienced teachers are all qualified in CPR, lifeguarding, emergency care and first aid, and they teach the basics of surfing at La Jolla Shores, one of the best places in the country to learn to surf! From lessons to a week immersive, we have you covered.

The camp team will personalize their training to your experience level, whether you're a beginner learning to stand up for the first time or an experienced surfer trying to perfect your bottom turns.

Each day begins with activities, a sand lesson, and a safety lecture before surfers enter the water. The program will teach youngsters about the culture of surfing, proper surfing etiquette, water safety, and the rich marine life and maritime heritage of La Jolla's Marine Protected Area.

We welcome children aged 5 to 15 who can swim to participate in our surf program.

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