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8 Ways To Conserve Water During A Drought

Take a look through the list, and try to add as many as possible into your daily routine!
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8 At-Home Tips For Conserving Water

Take a look through the list, and try to add as many as possible into your daily routine!

Fill Your Bathtub Halfway (Or Less)

There's no need to fill the tub all the way up! You'll displace water once you step into the tub, so it's a good idea to add less water than you think you need, and then add some more after you get into the tub if necessary.

Another note here is that at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, a 10 minute shower is equal to about half of a bath tub worth of water (25 gallons). So if you really want to conserve water, a shower may be the way to go!

Fix Any Leaks

Drip, drip, drip. Now picture that drip running 24/7 in your home... it adds up fast! Fixing leaks inside and outside of the home can save 27-90 gallons of water each day.

Many home water meters has a leak detector, so checking your meter is a great place to start.

Purchase Aerators For Your Faucets

These tiny contraptions will help you do more with less water. They break up the water flow, so it seems like there's more water coming out. When you have an aerator adding to a running faucet, it will save .7 gallons per minute that the water is running.

Upgrade Your Toilets

Installing high-efficiency toilets is a great way to save water. These toilets use a fraction of the water as a a standard toilet, so they'll pay for themselves with the reduction in your water bill.

To cut down on installation cost, it helps having a plumber or handyman switch out all of the toilets at once.

Recycle Indoor Water To Water Your Outdoor Plants

There are certain ways to divert water from the indoors (like from your washing machine or dishwater) and reuse that water for outdoor use. You can do the same thing with the water you use to soak pots and pans (just be aware of the type of soap you're using).

Take Shorter Showers

You don't have to rush through your showers, but setting a 5-minute timer on your phone can go a long way! Try to be efficient in the shower, and keep it under 5 minutes to help save water. Using this method can save 12.5 gallons (or more) per shower!

Turn Off The Sink

When you're brushing your teeth or shaving at the sink, make sure the water is turned off. It may seem like a quick time frame to let it run while you brush your teeth, but it adds up quickly!

Plus you might not feel as rushed without the water running, giving you more time to focus on those pearly whites!

Only Wash Full Loads

Wait until the dishwasher is full to do the dishes, or you have a full load of clothes to run the washer machine. This will cut down on the water used since you're running them less!

Have Any More Tips?

Keep these tips in mind when you're going throughout your daily routine, every little bit helps.

If you have any other tips you'd like to add to this list, comment them below and we'll add them to the next edition of these everyday tips!

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