5 Items That Should Always Be in Your Beach Bag

5 Items That Should Always Be in Your Beach Bag

We know a thing or two about a great beach day. Without hauling your entire house to the beach, you'll want to remember these five things next time you hit the sand.

Beach Bag Must Haves:

1. A Huge Beach Blanket

Spread out on the sand with a massive beach blanket. Whether you're laying out to get some sun, or spreading out your beach snacks, (watch out for seagulls) you'll want to upgrade from your standard towel to something, roomier.

2. Mineral Sunscreen

Stay protected from the sun without any harsh chemicals with a Mineral Sunscreen. Natural ingredients like Zinc Oxide are better for your skin and the planet.

3. A Floating Waterproof Hat

Spending some time at the beach means you probably need a hat - so picking one thats waterproof AND floats is a no brainer. This one is easy to rinse the salt and sand off once you get home.

4. An Insulated Water Bottle

Didn't bring a cooler? Keep your drinks cold all day long in an insulated bottle. Nothing is better than a cold sip during a day spent in the sun.

5. SPF Hoodie

Too lazy to lather up? Make it easy on yourself and throw on a hoodie that'll block the UV rays. Lightweight enough to endure warm days, thick enough to keep you protected from the sun.

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