Surf Camp Lesson Plans

Once the campers are checked in at the store, we’ll head down to the beach and spend 10 minutes playing intro games, getting to know each other, and warming up.

Afterwards, the first Ground School will begin. Campers will practice fundamental skills of surfing on land, including paddling, popping up, and how to stand on the board. Before entering the water, instructors will discussOcean Safety and Surf Etiquette to ensure the safety of the campers.

Once these lessons are over, campers will head into the water to catch some waves with the instructors for 45 minutes during the first surf session of the day. Everyday California has a 1:3 instructor to student ratio to ensure every camper has a fun, yet safe time in the water. We’ll start out in the shallow area and gradually head farther out to catch some waves, depending on every student’s comfort and skill level. We practice Challenge by Choice; instructors respect each student's choice regarding their level of participation in the lesson.

After the first Surf Session, we’ll take a 15 minute break before beginning a 20 minute educational lesson about the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, including thegeography,  history,  local marine life,  local legends and more.

Next, campers and their instructors will head back into the water for an hour long surf session, before breaking for a 30 minute lunch.

Half Day Camps end after lunch, and Full Day Camp resumes with 30 minutes of Beach Games to get everyone warmed up again.

After Beach Games, instructors will begin the second lesson of the day where the campers will learn theanatomy of a wave,  anatomy of a surfboard,  surf lingo,  surf history, and  more about the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and why it’s important to preserve it and it’s inhabitants.

The second lesson will conclude with a second 5-minute Ground School to review the fundamental skills of surfing, before heading out for 45 minutes for the third Surf Session.

After the third Surf Session, campers and instructors will take a 15 minute break before the last Lesson of the day, where they’ll spend about 10 minutes reviewing what they learned that day.

After the quick 10 minute review lesson, campers will get to spend 40 minutes snorkeling or body surfing with the instructors before the last activity of the day, a 15 minute beach clean up competition.

At the end of the day instructors will wait with campers at La Jolla Shores Park until a parent, guardian, or prior-authorized person picks them up.

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