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How Much are Surf Lessons in La Jolla, San Diego?

You want to be in La Jolla, San Diego, where sun, sea, and surf combine. If you love the water and want to surf, you're here. We will explore the interesting world of surfing for individuals who want to live like surfers. Come along to learn about surf lessons and how to make them affordable and fun.
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The charming coastal community of La Jolla, San Diego, where the sun, sea, and surf meet is where you want to be. You are in the right place if you have ever been drawn to the ocean and dreamed of surfing the waves. In order to accommodate those who are eager to adopt the lifestyle of surfers, we will delve into the fascinating world of learning how to surf. Come along as we discuss how much surf lessons cost and how to make surfing accessible and memorable for you.

Surfing Heaven at La Jolla:

   La Jolla is a surfing haven, known for its world-class waves and gorgeous beaches. The Pacific's charm entices everyone, locals and tourists alike. The waves are perfect for those of all skill levels. Whether you’re renting a board or taking a lesson, there is a good chance you can catch a wave here. 

A Guide to Surfing:

   Starting a surfing journey requires the correct instruction. If you want professional advice on surfing, turn to Everyday California. You will learn the ropes in a fun and safe atmosphere thanks to the enthusiasm of our qualified teachers who love sharing their love of the water.

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Revealing How Much Surf Lessons Cost:

   Are you curious how much money is needed for this fascinating lifestyle? Let's analyze the expenses. Surf classes in California can be reasonably priced, making surfing accessible to everyone who is keen to try their hand at it. 

  • For a non-private surf lesson, our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing on land before heading into the water with your group, with a ratio of 1 instructor to no more than 5 students per lesson. We provide fun surf lessons for San Diego residents and vacationers all over the world. No experience necessary, all equipment provided. 

    • Every surf lesson will include the necessary equipment needed for success, including a 3 millimeter wetsuit, a rashguard, a quality soft-top surfboard. Lessons are 90 minutes long and packed with informative, hands-on training taught by experienced, Water Safety Certified, CPR, and First Aid certified professionals. We’ll have you on a board and smiling in no time!

    • These lessons start as low as $109.

  • For a private surf lesson, our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of surfing and ocean safety on land, before heading into the water to catch some waves with one-on-one surf instruction, tailored to your skill level! Continually voted one of the best spots for beginner and intermediate surfers in San Diego, the calm waters of La Jolla Shores are an ideal place to learn how to surf in a fun, yet safe environment.

    • During a private surf lesson, basic fundamental skills like popping up, paddling, and learning the correct way to fall will be taught. For those more advanced surfers looking to move up a level, you can expect to practice wave selection, line up positioning, and sharing the stoke!

    • These lessons start as low as $99. 

  • Want to keep shredding after your surf lesson? We know firsthand how fun surfing is, so we give all students the option to keep their rental equipment for an additional hour after their surf lesson. Like any sport, practice makes perfect, so we encourage some extra water time to hone your new skills. Whether it’s right after the lesson is done, or a week from your lesson, let us know when you’d like to head out into the surf for that extra hour.

Would you be willing to give up the shore for the surf? La Jolla is the best place to go surfing for beginners, and Everyday California welcomes you there. Your adventure into the lives of surfers is just a lesson away with our knowledgeable teachers, breathtaking beaches, and a vibrant surf culture. Let Everyday California be your guide to the world of surfing in San Diego as you jump into the adventure and grab the wave.

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