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Wooden iPhone Case (Skateboard)

In collaboration with Recover, Everyday California has created a classic wood iPhone 6 case. It is crafted from real wood to protect your iPhone 6 from the tests of time and nature. Each case features a natural wood backplate inlayed into a satin-coated polycarbonate bumper for a premium blend of long-lasting protection and originality.  The low profile, snap-fit construction makes this the slimmest wood iPhone 6 case on the market.

Who is Recover and why did we do a collaboration? 

Based in Portland, Oregon, Recover is founded and operated by a collective group of individuals with deep roots in the fashion and design industries. In a sea of over-designed tech accessories all featuring the latest gimmicks, Recover strives to differentiate itself by innovating on natural and sustainable materials while offering functional design.  By incorporating minimalistic design and natural materials, Recover merges classic with contemporary to redefine the ordinary.

iPhone case features Brutus 'The Bear' with our signature text wrapped around. "From the Depths of the Pacific, Crafted in La Jolla, CA."

Fits iPhone 6 / 6s