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The Sheri is a scalloped tee made from a sheer blend of cotton and rayon for a silky smooth feel and extreme comfort . And the name? Well, a lady named Sheri came into our new Flagship store in La Jolla with her daughter. She had the chance to see this shirt right when it came back from manufacturing and she loved it but was leaving before it would normally be ready to be sold. She was such a sweet lady that we couldn't not let her leave without one. So we quickly built it out on the store's backend website and named it after her. Here's to you Sheri, you rock!


  • Designed in La Jolla
  • Materials sourced from the USA
  • Printed in San Diego
  • Shipped to you from La Jolla

To help with fitting, model is shown wearing an x-small. Like an elvish  ballerina, she stands at 5'5" and weighs in at a dainty 110 lbs.

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