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F*ck Cancer Black

Help us help Patrick Walter. Who is he? He's a 23 year old riot of laughter, wit and charm. He's a true friend to any who are lucky enough to call him friend. He's an amazing tour guide for us at Everyday California and he was just recently diagnosed with cancer. And in the spirit of his glib and sometimes inappropriate tongue, we're saying Fuck Cancer. We're sorry if our language offends you, but we're deeply offended by cancer. And we made this shirt to say just that. The profits from this shirt are going to Mr. Walter to help his mounting hospital bills. So by purchasing this shirt, you're not only giving the bird to cancer but you're helping our friend afford his treatment. If you've got it to spare, we've also included a link to his gofundme account. 

Click here to donate to Patty!

Details and Fit: 

  • Designed in La Jolla
  • Fabric consisting of 100% Organic Cotton
  • Materials sourced from the USA
  • Cut & Sewn in Los Angeles
  • Printed in San Diego
  • Shipped to you from La Jolla
  • Helps save Patty

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