Who is Brutus? 

Picture the chillest bear in the world. Now burn that picture. Brutus the bear cannot be compared to anything or anyone that has ever existed, not even Winnie the Pooh. You think Yogi Bear stands a chance against Brutus? You're insane, commit yourself.
The Legend of Brutus can be linked back to the beginning of the Golden State herself. The Golden Bear has been gracing the California State flag for over a century. The genesis of the flag lies in the Republic of California’s rebellion against Mexico in 1846 (Brutus was not there and does not condone land grabs). Over time the flag was modernized and adopted as the regulation flag for the state of California. The original bear was modeled after the last surviving Grizzly in California. His name was Monarch and it was said he was chillest bear of his time.

Brutus, the bear you see surfing, snowboarding, skating or doing other action sports on our apparel is a descendant of Monarch. He carries with him the proud heritage of his great grandfather and that prestigious lineage has been passed down from the revolutionary Monarch to the rad skater and bad ass surfer Brutus. Wear Brutus proudly on your chest and and let the rich history of the California lifestyle inspire you and influence you throughout your day.


Brutus Facts:
  • Everyday California apparel has been scientifically proven to attract puppies and kittens... no matter where you are.
  • It's so soft it'll make your soul feel like it was touched by soft angel wings.
  • Mt. Everest is the product of Lincoln Logs, 30 minutes of spare time, and Brutus. You're welcome Earth.
  • We had to buy a bullet proof camera lens to be able to withstand shooting photos of Brutus. Each picture took three thousand hours, fourteen minutes and seven second to produce.
  • Brutus has never not worn Everyday California apparel, just so you'd know what's up with the clothes. He was born wearing a Brutus Tank and if he was capable of dying his body would stay permanently warm wearing an Everyday California sweater.
  • Brutus prevented WWIII. You're welcome France.

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