Made in California

Obviously,we love California. We have one of the most amazing coastlines in the world, breath taking mountains, the bigest trees on the planet, the heart of the technology industry, the center for blockbuster entertainment and some of the best weather you can find anywhere.And the variety of things you can do in just one day is unbelievable. These iconic californian aspects often eclipse that California is also a huge agriculture state.One of the California's top crops is Cotton. We're the largest producer of Prima Cotton in the United States.Our cotton industry provides over 20,000 jobs for Californians.


So it only makes sense that your Everyday California apparel be sourced on form the Golden State. We believe a brand that embraces the essence of California should be truly connected to the land.Much of our cotton is grown in the fertile soils of the Central Valley with only a 200 mile carbon footprint from farm to factory, while the cotton not from California is still sourced from the USA.


The factories doing the cutting,sewing and dying are located in LA and the screen-printing, stitching, bagging and tagging takes place all over Southern California. When you wear Everyday California, you're sporting gear completely made in California all the way from the seed so that no matter where you live, your wearing a part of the Golden State herself. And man is she soft! 

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