Lets get busy living!

by Josh Meunier

Lets get busy living!

California has it’s own unique journey that has created a landscape of beauty, a culture of understanding, and what some would call paradise.  Here at Everyday California we’re from all different walks of life.  We’re a collective of adrenaline addicts, freedom children, forward thinkers, and limit pushers. We still earn our paychecks but we do it a little differently then most, and that’s only because we chose to choose the path less traveled. 

You probably have your version of what “California” means to you.  I used to close my eyes as a kid and dream about meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney Land, and chasing seagulls all over beautiful sandy beaches.  When I got a bit older my daydreams changed to the Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful rolling hills in Napa, and crystal clear air with vibrant views for miles. Now that I’m 30, those visions have morphed into a feeling for California.  It’s a feeling of freedom.  

That feeling of freedom comes from the days with the music turned up, windows down, and warm air blowing through your hair on a coastline ride. 

It’s the evening surf sessions at sunset with homies or jumping in the car on a last minute adventure to Joshua Tree to go bouldering during the day.   Then watching the Milky Way rise at night with tents up, bonfire burning and extended family and friends all around.  

The best way to sum it up is the feeling of waking up, wiping the sleep off your eyes, and getting excited to get busy living.  

So we're pulling up the weekly workday relief program to drop knowledge on the best that California has to offer. All the while giving you amazing stories of the adventures in the journey of Everyday California.   

Grab your sandals or shoes, throw on your shades, and prepare yourself to get busy living with us.  

Josh Meunier
Josh Meunier

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