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Everyday California Global Domination

by Christopher Lynch

Get ready to see Brutus and his surfboard globe-trotting, spreading the California Dream! Cherokee Global Brands, a global marketer of style-focused lifestyle brands, acquired our much loved Brutus on May 14, 2015. “We are very excited to be adding Everyday California to our portfolio of style-focused lifestyle brands,” said Henry Stupp, CEO of Cherokee Global Brands. “Everyday California’s global potential made the acquisition a perfect fit for Cherokee Global Brands. The brand is more than a state of mind, it’s a way of life! Many great active lifestyle brands have been born in California, and we are confident that together with Mike and Chris we can take an already strong brand and make it even more successful.”

Without getting too boring with the legal jargon, the skinny is this: Cherokee now owns the rights to produce Everyday California apparel and merchandise while our owners Mike and Chris still retain the rights to our flagship store in La Jolla and our e-commerce portion of our website. We’re still going to produce our own California-sourced quality apparel and conduct the best kayak tours of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. But now we have the opportunity to utilize Cherokee’s existing supply chain infrastructure and marketing prowess to enhance and expand the brand. And Cherokee is the perfect partner for this venture.

“From its humble beginnings in Venice Beach and deeply rooted in California, Cherokee has become a global leader, known for its feel good philosophy, tradition and incredible brands,” says Lynch. “As a quintessential California lifestyle company, living the California dream day in and day out, we are thrilled to partner with such a like-minded corporation to help shepherd and grow the Everyday California brand.”

“This is an exciting time for Everyday California,” said Samer. “We are thankful to Coastal Brand Management for helping bring this partnership to fruition and are looking forward to working with Henry Stupp, Howard Siegel and the entire Cherokee team on taking the brand to the next level. It’s going to be fun!”

The Everyday California journey keeps getting better. We’re operating the best tours you can get in La Jolla out of the coolest shop. We’re partnered with a California grown global powerhouse, sitting pretty next to Tony Hawk’s brand. We’ve got juice coming soon. CHRIMAS HODBOE has found love and the cure for boredom. And the Worn by Stevens line might actually take off! Stay tuned for more, as this is only the beginning.

Christopher Lynch
Christopher Lynch