Summer is Coming!

by Duke Jarboe

Summer is coming. For those of you lucky enough to call San Diego your home you might be wondering what I'm talking about as it certainly has seemed like an endless summer this year. But for our friends outside of SoCal it was another brutal winter and I'm sure they couldn't be happier for the changing of the seasons. So while everyone is getting that beach body ready with renewed vigor for the gym and detox regiments, CHRIMAS HODBOE has compiled a list of items to help maximize your fun in the sun. 

  • Sunscreen - Being tan is great, but cancer sucks. CHRIMAS HODBOE recommends Headhunter
  • Hats - Look good while keeping the rays out of your eyes
  • Beach Towel - Dry off and lay out with Brutus on your side
  • Water - Stay hydrated, nobody likes it when you pass out from dehydration
  • Sandals - Get some Rainbows, CHRIMAS HODBOE'S been wearing them for decades
  • Waterproof Phone Case - Underwater selfies are a must
  • Snacks - Food = Energy, have plenty to maximize beach time 
  • Sunglasses - Get some Blenders, they're stylish and affordable
  • Karate Lessons  - Don't question CHRIMAS HODBOE recommendations
  • Beach Bag - Keep all this stuff in an Everyday California Beach Bag 



Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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