Stick'em Up

by Duke Jarboe

We’ve quite literally given out thousands upon thousands of our classic Brutus the Bear Everyday California stickers. And we love seeing them plastered all over town, the country and the world. And now we’re ready to see this new batch grace some light poles, crosswalk signs and coffee counters.

And I dare say, these fresh new stickers are even better than our iconic original. It’s like a pack Starburst now. Whereas the red Starburst is by far the best, it’s nice to have some variety. Only this pack lacks a nasty yellow.

Come on down and visit us and grab a sick new sticker. Put’em on your car, your computer, your neighbor’s car, your neighbor’s cat, anywhere. Get’em while we have, they won’t last long.

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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