The Most Interesting Place in the World

by Duke Jarboe

“I’ve been training,” she said with an air of challenge.

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah, I ran five miles this morning.”

“I rode 40 miles in the last two days.”

“I bought new shoes yesterday. You better get ready.”

“I only wear workout clothes now.”


“I don’t always workout, but when I do, I prefer to do so every day.”

“What about your beard?”

“My beard has the strength of ten men, it doesn’t need to work out.”

“Is it aerodynamic though?”

“It is the basis of aerodynamic principles. Science was founded in hopes of explaining my beard.”


“Yeah, I know.”

Silence ensues. The clattering of keys from busy fingers fills the air. The phone rings and the bookings proceed. Tours fill up, t-shirts and towels are sought by an amazing customer base. And the brief interlude of dialogue concerning an upcoming triathlon joins the many interesting moments that happen in the office at Everyday California.  

“You guys want some sausages?”

“Tommy Two-Guns!”

“Forget about it. You want some sausages? There’s plenty of juice in the pan, go ahead, grab a roll.”

“Did the wood come in for the new shop?”

“Yeah. He came up and says to me, he says, ‘Where you want me to park?’ ‘Right here,’ I says. ‘Right here?’ ‘Yeah, right here.’ He looks at me and then back at the wood and says, ‘You gonna unload it?’ ‘You see a fork lift anywhere?’ So yea, we got the wood. You want some sausages?”

Rolls are filled with sausage and chicken and onions and green peppers. The sound of hungry mouths chomping through thick rolls is interrupted occasionally with, “There’s plenty of juice in the pan there, go ahead, dunk it in.”

I love these moments. I wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere else. This is just part of what we do, every day.

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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