The Tree House

by Duke Jarboe


Everyday California is growing by leaps and bounds. Each year is better than the next and 2014 promises to be our best year ever. And while we love our shop, we’ve outgrown it. It’s just too small to accommodate our increased volume. We’ve had an amazing time with everyone that’s come out to play with us in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and we’ve been able to create these rad experiences with very little space. So we went and bought a new shop! It’s three times the size and it’s literally a stone’s throw away from our current shop.

Construction is in mid-swing and we couldn’t be more excited about our new digs. The building is directly across the street from our current place and was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. The boys of Everyday California are hard at work under the watchful eye of Tommy Two Guns, tearing down walls, digging trenches, laying down decking and getting our new home ready.

We’re calling it The Tree House and we’re going to be swinging through the rafters like some crazed monkeys, moving kayaks, hanging wetsuits, taking pictures, creating those life-long memories for our wonderful dream-sharing customers and having the time of our live’s.

And don’t you worry dear reader, we’ll definitely be having a ridiculously awesome Grand Opening shindig! You won’t want to miss it. When it comes to good times, few do it better than Everyday California. We’ll keep you posted on the details and we can’t wait to invite you to share the dream in The Tree House.  

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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