by Duke Jarboe

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. We can’t judge ourselves by the fact that we make them, instead we must measure our humanity in how we rectify them. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t cut it. You have to take action. This philosophy travels easily from the personal world to the business world.

But you can’t look at it like a business practice or policy. It has to be an inherent quality in the philosophy of why you’re in business. The mighty dollar rules the world of business. It’s a fact you can’t get away from. But you don’t have to approach business from this point of view because the foundation of any business is people. People working together under the guiding principles of the company and people building relationships with clients and customers.

These relationships you build are what’s important. For us, we’re trying to share our dream with as many people as we can. We think it’s an amazing thing. We work and play in the ocean. We put this into our brand. We’re creating a community around what we’re doing. Everyday California is not about the mighty dollar. It’s about the ocean, the state of Cali, and the people we interact with.

And the reward from approaching business this way is beyond words. Over Christmas, we had an order go out that wasn’t correct. We had little time to spare to get the right product shipped to ensure delivery before Christmas. The item was a gift for a mother’s son and she was rightfully worried. We scampered and packed up the right product and sent it out as soon as possible.

And while that’s the right thing to do, it doesn’t make up for the mistake. So we wrote a note and included some free product. And for some, that might not be enough to make up for the mistake. And we’d understand that and try to find another way to rectify it. In this instance, the note and the free product were enough. And the reward came in a lovely email from our customer. She was stoked, which makes us happy.

We made a mistake. We rectified it and from that we strengthened our relationship with her. Like I said, we all make mistakes. We just have to look at them as opportunities to grow and build a better relationship. We’re sharing in the dream that is Everyday California, and it feels good.

And here’s the email that made us feel like we’re doing it right:

Guarino, Donna via

12/26/13 (12 days ago)


to duke


Dear Duke;


I just wanted to thank you for your prompt response to the error that occurred with my order with your company. It was so sweet of you to hand write a note and to include the correct t-shirt along with the matching hat.  What wonderful customer service !!  My son was very pleased with both as one of his Christmas gifts.  


We will look forward to future purchases and recommend Everyday to our family and friends.


Thanks again,


Donna Guarino

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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