You Gotta See This!

by Duke Jarboe

I told you it was coming. I warned you of its epicness. You’re still not prepared. How could you be? I watched the making of it. So did Harry, and he’s not easily impressed. We knew it’d be cool. We knew it would share the dream, but we didn’t know just how amazing it would be; it more than shares the dream. It is the dream.

The raw footage alone is enough to make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and head straight for The La Jolla Shores. Happy animals and beautiful beaches, fun people and a bitchin’ soundtrack are all good things. When you mix them together the way Lynch did...well, words cannot do it justice. Watch the video, share it with your friends and remember that this is what we do, every day. Pass it on.

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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