Say Hello to My Little Friend!

by Duke Jarboe

Yeah, we got a drone. We’re keeping tabs on the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, watching our happy animals chill out in the sweetest spot of the California coast and making sure that everything is up to the Everyday California Code of living the dream.

We’ve captured some amazing footage so far and it’s only going to get better. Lynch is a natural drone driver; he’s only crashed it twice! Myself on the other hand...well, the Duke crashed it after only a couple minutes of terrible flight. But that’s alright, I’ve got other skills. Like messing with Harry. But I digress. 

We’re putting together some amazing footage. Here’s a quick video of the first flights. Click on the Predator Drone below, enjoy the video and remember: This is California, Everyday. Stay tuned for our first drone footage video montage!

Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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