Movember November, Send Your Stache Over!

by Duke Jarboe

Our faces are itchy, the beards are sprouting, and our staches are starting to flourish. It’s that lovely time of year when boyish faces transform into manly visages. As I mentioned before, we’ve joined up and Team Everyday California is trying to raise awareness for men’s health with Generation Mo.

So far we have raised ZERO dollars. We need your help! Prostate cancer will take an estimated 29,720 men away from their families this year. The American Cancer Society also estimates 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer for 2013. One man in 6 will get prostate cancer during his lifetime. And one man in 36 will die of this disease. But this is a very treatable form of cancer if caught earlier. Over 2.5 million men who have had prostate cancer are still alive today. That’s why we really need your help in raising awareness.

So head over to our Movember page and help a brother out!



Duke Jarboe
Duke Jarboe

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