This Shirt is Perfect for the Office, Better for the Bar

This Shirt is Perfect for the Office, Better for the Bar

We’re sandy, salty, and now we’re coming in extra stylish. Our creative team got together to make you the shirt that’s perfect for the office and even better for the bar.
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By Trey Leslie I Everyday California Head Writer & Resident DJ

Confession: your favorite Everyday California friends don’t dress up much.

At this very moment I’m not wearing shoes and one of our managers has his board shorts on - in fact, you might be considered ‘fancy’ if you come into our office with jeans and a collared shirt.

But we know that most offices aren’t like ours, where footwear is optional and neckties are discouraged. And despite our beachy, shoeless vibe, the crew here occasionally likes to button up before going out around San Diego.

Also, we saw a need: a lot of our friends wear a collared shirt to the office, but it isn’t “cool” enough to hold its own at the bar after work.

So our creative team got together to create a shirt that’s perfect for the office, and even better after hours: The La Jolla Button Down.

In many ways, the idea is representative of the California spirit. It combines the values that many Californians hold dear: hard work and entrepreneurship, social living and outdoor fun. It’s all-work all-play.

Naturally, it looks and feels incredible. We handpicked a lightweight chambray, which The Essential Man claims is an essential part of the perfect wardrobe. It’s great for warm weather, and since summer is just around the corner now is the perfect time to add it to your closet.

One more thing. As a manifestation of the California dream, we decided The La Jolla Button Down should be 100% local.

The result? This shirt was designed, sourced, and assembled right here in Southern California so you can feel good about reducing your eco-footprint one shirt at a time. 

Add one to your summer essentials before we’re all out! 

Here's what it looks like (and full disclosure, that's me, your favorite blogger, wearing it)

Your mom won't do it for you

Dress Up With The Button Down

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