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The Ranch

The Ranch gets its name from the iconic Santa Barbara surf heaven that's fueled daydreams for folks who fancy relatively uncrowded reeling right-handers in an idyllic countryside setting. Unfortunately, unless you have connections or a couple extra million dollars lying around to buy a parcel of land in the private Central California gated community, actually experiencing this said promised land has been all but impossible without breaking a holy host of trespassing laws. We're still waiting for our invitation.

Details and Fit: 

  • Designed in La Jolla
  • Materials sourced from the USA
  • Fabric consisting of 100% Cotton Slub
  • Cut & Sewn in Los Angeles
  • Printed in San Diego
  • Shipped to you from La Jolla

Kawela, our semi pro shark wrestler turned model, stands at 6'1" and usually wears an XL.

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