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The Conchita Beanie is a soft acrylic flat knit beanie featuring an Everyday California cuff and a lovely Jacquard Pattern. The Jacquard Pattern comes from one of the most important weaving inventions of all time. In the early year of the industrial revolution, a draw loom was used for complex designs. The heddles were manually selected by a second operator (draw boy), apart from the weaver. It was slow and labor-intensive, with practical limitations on the complexity of the pattern. 

Joseph Marie Jacquard recognized that although weaving was intricate, it was also repetitive, and developed a mechanism for the production of sophisticated patterns. The process, known as Jacquard shedding made possible the automatic production of unlimited varieties of pattern weaving. The most amazing thing about the process, the loom and the mechanical aspects of this revolutionary design, is that it hugely influenced Charles Babbage, the originator of the idea of a programmable computer. Jacquard, and his invention are seen by some as a precursor of modern computing science.

So while you're looking at your smartphone at the top of the slopes, this Everyday California Beanie is not only keeping your dome warm, it's showcasing the extraordinary beginnings for all the nifty things your smartphone can do.  

  • Flat Knit Only 
  • Cuffed or Slouch with Everyday California woven into the cuff
  • 100% Soft Acrylic Knit
  • Embellishment Level 5 (Jacquard Pattern // Sedona) Beanie Pom

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