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January 15, 2015

 Our mission is to bring you the best of the California lifestyle with a product from the Golden State herself. Designed in and inspired by, the jewel that is La Jolla, CA. Much of the baby-soft cotton in our products is grown in the fertile soils of the Central Valley. Once the cut and sew has been completed we screen-print, stitch, bag, tag and do all the final touches in Southern California. No where you are, your piece of Everyday California is truly part of California. 

Whales Whales Whales!


The Gray Whale encounters are in full swing, with almost every tour being fortunate to interact with gentle giants. And the last couple weeks have been simply amazing with multiple Gray Whales on each and every tour.

On the few tours that didn't find Gray Whales, the tours were still lucky enough to kayak alongside superpods of dolphins consisting of anywhere from 100 to 300 common dolphins, white sides and even bottlenose dolphins.

The water has been unseasonably warm and incredibly calm with little to no surf. It truly feels like an endless summer here in La Jolla, CA. And with winter winding down and spring break just around the corner, before you know it you'll blink and bam! It's summer time once again.

But there's still chilly days ahead, so be sure to check out our new long sleeves, hoodies and beanies. With the apparel picking up steam, they won't last long! But when summer does find its way back we'll have tons of fresh new tanks and tees with your favorite surfing bear dotting the front.

And for your listening pleasure, be sure to check out our new Everyday California podcast on iTunes hosted by none other than CHRIMAS HODBOE! We're recording the first show next week, so stay tuned for details and get ready to have your mind blown and scattered to the four corners of the universe. Eargasms will happen; you're welcome humans. And you're welcome physicists, there ARE four corners to the universe.