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December 10, 2014

 Our mission is to bring you the best of the California lifestyle with a product from the Golden State herself. Designed in and inspired by, the jewel that is La Jolla, CA. Much of the baby-soft cotton in our products is grown in the fertile soils of the Central Valley. Once the cut and sew has been completed we screen-print, stitch, bag, tag and do all the final touches in Southern California. No where you are, your piece of Everyday California is truly part of California. 

Twerk it!

CHRIMAS HODBOE invented twerking so you’d know what’s up with these shorts. They’re soft, they’re supple and they’re sexy. And when you put them on, you feel 1/1000th the power of CHRIMAS HODBOE which basically means you’ll be able to levitate for sixteen seconds. Also, you will be quite irresistable so be ready for an influx in attention.

CHRIMAS HODBOE normally recommends that you sleep naked, but these shorts are an exception. Go to bed in these and you’ll wake up feeling like you slept in a hyperbaric chamber.

Want more CHRIMAS HODBOE power flowing through your veins? Check out the rest of the Everyday California Men’s collection. We had to buy a bulletproof camera lens to be able to withstand shooting CHRIMAS HODBOE. Each picture took three thousand hours, fourteen minutes and seven seconds to produce.