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December 05, 2014

 Our mission is to bring you the best of the California lifestyle with a product from the Golden State herself. Designed in and inspired by, the jewel that is La Jolla, CA. Much of the baby-soft cotton in our products is grown in the fertile soils of the Central Valley. Once the cut and sew has been completed we screen-print, stitch, bag, tag and do all the final touches in Southern California. No where you are, your piece of Everyday California is truly part of California. 

Winter Update!


I’ve been busy as a bee trying to build an entire beehive. November came and went before I knew it. The City of San Diego sent out the RFP (request for proposal) which every company in the kayak tourism industry has to reply to with a 300 page document proposing how we’re going to operate for the next five years. It was a tedious task that required a massive amount of work. We knocked it out and just turned it in. So now let me update you on what’s new at Everyday California!

The office just got a facelift. The apparel side is really starting to take off so we had to make some changes. Mainly we walled-off Harry into a cone of silence. His two minute soul connections during the booking process are amazing, but can definitely interfere with the creative process. We put a window in his wall and we’re not sure if that helps with the creative process or terrifies it.

We saw our first Grey Whale of the season. The magnificent Sammi was the lucky first spotter.

And even though it doesn’t get that cold down here in paradise, we still appreciate a good hoodie and sweatpant combo so we’ve got all new snuggly, cozy sweatpants, sweaters and hoodies. I’m telling you, you’re definitely going to want a pair!

We lost our camera. Then we found it. So we’ll finally be able to update our product shots.

Our new apparel site is up and running.

Stevens has discovered a DIY mini crossbow that shoots explosive arrows (matches).

Harry shaved. We hate it.

CHRIMAS HODBOE has returned in full glory to the shop. You’re welcome La Jolla.

CHRIMAS HODBOE created Yosemite with clay and melted crayons. Took two minutes and thirty six seconds. You’re welcome bears.

CHRIMAS HODBOE smells like candy and lava, which has been known to cause women to fall in love and make squirrels cry.

CHRIMAS HODBOE has an alias: CRUKE DRIS. Tell no one.

CHRIMAS HODBOE enjoys Christmas Carols sung by Ron Swanson and H. Jonathan Benjamin. CHRIMAS HODBOE was also the inspiration for both Archer and Ron Swanson. You’re welcome netflix junkies.