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April 13, 2016

Changing gears on the trails to Pismo Beach

I was 26 coming off a near death experience when I had an epiphany that my life was lacking something that I couldn’t put my finger on.  I was living in San Francisco working for a Fortune 100 company and making great money.  That should have been all I needed, right?  

Wrong. For me it was the same hustle day in and day out.  My adrenaline rushes came from closing big deals and only lasted 24 hours before I was asked: “What’s the next one coming in?”  Quotas got higher and the stress continued to build.  For many of you reading this, that feeling has been real at some point in your life or is real right now.  

Financial freedom can be fun but it is dependent on how you use it.  Don’t get me wrong if you want a Ferrari and that’s your dream make sure you make it happen.  But most of us are figuring out how to use our money while others are living paycheck-to-paycheck trying to figure out where it all goes.  You’re not alone because everyone starts somewhere.  

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and still find myself struggling with it sometimes.  However I was sacrificing my happiness and wanted something more than the 5 o’clock happy hour and a hangover in my life.  That’s when I decided it was time to put my cash toward things that really made a difference in my life. 

Someone very close to me told me “it’s all about the journey not the destination, so make sure you make it worth it while you get where you’re going.”  

My point is that we’ve been trained to want things that leave us unfulfilled.  Your drapes in the living room won’t save your marriage and your Mercedes doesn’t give you freedom, but it can give you a smooth coastal ride.  It is important to have goals in your life that offer rewards but what I’m talking about is searching for that feeling of living! 

If you’re in the same boat then it might be time to take a look at your weekend schedule and clear it.  If you’re an adrenaline seeker like me there is a bit of wonderland located just three hours North of Los Angeles called Pismo Beach.  This can be your perfect weekend getaway.    

When I was looking into Pismo history I stumbled upon some pretty interesting facts.  The town began as an 8,838-acre ranch that was sold in 1840 for 447 head of cattle and $1.  Talk about one hell of a deal.  Since then it has transformed into a great beach town with family friendly activities and some wineries that can have you rolling home. 

If you want to learn more check out Trip Advisor for the details about butterflies dinosaur caves and more.  However, my visit to Pismo was stunned by a different kind of weekend warrior that I would have never guessed made their home there.  

This place gathers the adrenaline junkies that we might associate with the Metal Militia.  It’s like NASCAR meets Baywatch.  With over 1500 acres, the Oceano Dunes Natural Preserve near Pismo Beach is a must do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to motocross and four wheeling or if you ride in the X-games.  

We rocked up to Pismo in a Nissan and were quickly greeted by Ford 250 super duties with raised under carriages bearing pirate flags.  It was a bit shocking. Mostly because this was not synonymous with the beach culture I’m used to in Southern California.  This is a hot spot for families, friends, and motorbike clans to come and let loose on their free time. 

I’m not kidding.  I saw a thirty something mom driving her kids, three dirt bikes, and trailer full of off road toys down the beach.  That was an eye opener.  You can save the beach horseback ride for your honeymoon and go set your hair on fire with some off-road toys!  So kick that white horse right in the ass and grab a dune buggy, four-wheeler, or dirt bike and get that heart rate pumping.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own and want to join in the fun.  We cruised over to BJ’s ATV rentals and we’re able to get some cool 4-wheelers for around $70 for two hours.  We didn’t need the huge power but we wanted enough to have one hell of a time, and two hours was the perfect amount.  

The good news for beginners is that they give you a bit of instruction before you take off on your adventure. Once you’ve mounted your trusty steed you’ll mosey your way on the sandy highway next to the water down to one of the eight entrances that will get you into the dunes.  It was recommended that we use the second entrance because it opens up a bit more for you to let loose.  

You can see Maia doing her best to figure out how to steer left and right.  Once she got the hang of it all bets were off.  She was tearing through the dunes like a bat out of hell.  

We started by cruising the outside boundaries and then hit it hard for the sand bowls.  A word of advice is to be cautious when approaching some of the lips of the bowls because they can get pretty steep.  Once you commit to the ride it can end up being like a roller coaster.  

We had a blast racing each other over the dunes and bouncing in and out of the sand bowls as fast as we could.  When we looked around we could see some very experienced four-wheelers and dirt bike experts performing wheelies and getting air.  It was a great spectacle.  We even saw the dune buggies flooring it up the face of the bowls like the final scene in The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.  

Once we had our adrenaline fix it was time to feed the beast.  Being on a motor vehicle like that can work up quite an appetite.  We wanted to get an exclamation point on the end of our trip.  By using our trusty yelp app; Maia was able to find what is now one of my favorite restaurants in all of California.  

Photo Credit: www.emberwoodfire.com 

Ember Restaurant is a wood fired grille serving Italian-inspired California cuisine.  It offers a great ambiance in Arroyo Grande and perfect to bring a date or friends and family.  

You can watch the chefs do their work with an open style kitchen and wood fire stove sitting right behind them.  If you plan on making this a stop be aware that they open at 4pm and its first come first serve.  The food was spectacular and the service was on point. 

I can tell you that I will be back to Pismo for another round of the dunes and next time I’ll be bringing my camping gear.  One day just isn’t enough.  If your stuck in a rut and need a mini vacation or you’re simply looking for a great time to enjoy with your friends or significant other then this can be a great option that is just the right distance away.  Until next time Pismo!  




April 08, 2016

The Comeback of Rollerblading - Boardwalk Edition

Remember growing up and thinking that the Friday night disco on rollerblades was the hippest thing since silly putty? We all grew out of the phase after Nintendo 64 became a collector’s item. But rollerblading is making a comeback.


Cardio junkies are putting away their running shoes, getting back on their blades and taking it to the streets. The young and the elderly are joining them on the boardwalk, rollerblading like there’s no tomorrow. We think local legend (with national recognition) John S. Kitchin a.k.a Slomo, has something to do with it. He’s a former neurosurgeon who cruises up and down the boardwalk between Mission Beach and Pacific Beach very, very, very slowly.


photocred: kpbs

You might be asking yourself what are the benefits of eight wheels? Rollerblading can offer you the low impact exercise workout that you want and can shred up to 913 calories per hour. It strengthens all the upper leg muscles, buttocks, hips, and lower back muscles. So if you have back problems or just want to build that beach body and dread your running shoes then this is a great alternative to running.

photocred: www.thesun.co.uk

What are you waiting for? Grab your best friend, significant other, or roll solo and hit the pavement for some people watching and to catch some rays while you get in shape.  


April 06, 2016

The Grown Up Jungle Gym - Intro Guide to Joshua Tree


When you think of adventure what comes to your mind? Adventure is one of those words that most of us connect with a feeling of careless freedom where the troubles of the world melt away and we can live in the moment.  Those moments expand our minds and create lasting memories that can make our lives that much more fulfilled.  If you’re like the Everyday California squad you live for this.     

How cool would it be to watch the Milky Way rise, or crank a hike up a boulder formation to watch the sunset? If you’re like me, just the thought makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  The hottest destination for hikers, climbers, and campers in Southern California is Joshua Tree.  At a massive 790,636-acres that connects the Colorado and Mojave deserts, Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect place to fulfill your adventure side while offering an incredible grown up jungle gym for his or her inner child. 

Photocred: @Koollin4

Sometimes I forget that the world is absolutely massive and in order to cover the ground you just need to get out there and start walking. Jtree is a combination of a high and low desert that offers some great diversity in vegetation and elevation.  If you like getting your boots dusty or just want to go for a little stroll then you can get your fix.  Within the park there are treks from 0.3miles to 6 miles with different challenges and changes in elevation.  

Check out Arch Rock for a lite walk or cruise to Hidden Valley for and intermediate hike and some boulder climbing.  If you want to make it a day adventure make sure you shuffle your feet towards the 6.5-mile Lost Horse loop trail.  You can even check out the mine itself and continue on to find some excellent views of Malpais Hill and more.  There is a little hidden gem further along the trail that you will find and you might not expect! 

There are plenty of adrenaline junkies here at Everyday California that enjoy the challenge of scaling the toughest of climbs. Joshua Tree is your perfect destination from the beginner to advanced climbers out there. With over 8,000 different climbing routes and 400+ climbing formations there are plenty of options to get your grip on and go scale some earth. 

Photocred: @slamma_jamma

Check out our resident mermaid and climbing enthusiast, Sammi about to crack out on a midafternoon track at JTree.  Talk about a great replacement for your morning coffee, five-hour energy, or whatever helps you skip to your Lou. Not to mention the fact that you can you’ll be absolutely shredded with one of the best full body, flexi-yogi, workouts you can find on the planet.  

Are you a baller on a budget or don’t want to wait six months to save up $10G’s to skip town and go to some tropical destination for a week? At Joshua Tree you can put your wallet away and dust off your camping gear after a long cold winter.  There are almost 500 campsites in Joshua Tree where you can rest your head and most are first come first serve.  Even for the top visited camping spots all it could cost you is an online registration .  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sunset or sunrise person there are plenty of great places to burn some campfires, bust out the whiskey or water, and watch the stars.  Some of our favorite places are Jumbo Rocks or White Tank for incredible views and formations that can take your breath away. 

I believe that the best part of Joshua Tree is the fact that you can catch that feeling of living free.  Sometimes getting down to your grass roots and remembering who you are with only the bare necessities is important.  

There is a lot of talk now days about being present and living in the moment.  At some point in our lives we all look forward to the times where our service bar is non-existent.  Can you remember the last time you had no emails, no phone calls with just fresh air and free living?  If you don’t it might be time to disconnect.  Joshua Tree is a great place to just get away from the hustle of everyday life and reset your mind or tweak it out but I’ll leave that up to you.  

You can see our resident ninja Duke, a frequent Jtreer, contemplating the universe and more than likely figuring out what’s for dinner.  He’s like a rare breed of snow leopard and when spotted should be photographed and given only the freshest of brewed coffees.  You may see him from a distance and he is friendly.  However he does come equipped with throwing stars and a gaze stronger than a vampire’s glamour.

We’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg that is Joshua Tree, but we want to give you some food for thought of just a few things that we love about this place.  

If you’re visitor or anywhere close to Palm Springs, Los Angeles, or San Diego make sure that you make the short drive over to Joshua Tree and get your own taste of free living.  


March 30, 2016

Lets get busy living!

California has it’s own unique journey that has created a landscape of beauty, a culture of understanding, and what some would call paradise.  Here at Everyday California we’re from all different walks of life.  We’re a collective of adrenaline addicts, freedom children, forward thinkers, and limit pushers. We still earn our paychecks but we do it a little differently then most, and that’s only because we chose to choose the path less traveled. 

You probably have your version of what “California” means to you.  I used to close my eyes as a kid and dream about meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney Land, and chasing seagulls all over beautiful sandy beaches.  When I got a bit older my daydreams changed to the Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful rolling hills in Napa, and crystal clear air with vibrant views for miles. Now that I’m 30, those visions have morphed into a feeling for California.  It’s a feeling of freedom.  

That feeling of freedom comes from the days with the music turned up, windows down, and warm air blowing through your hair on a coastline ride. 

It’s the evening surf sessions at sunset with homies or jumping in the car on a last minute adventure to Joshua Tree to go bouldering during the day.   Then watching the Milky Way rise at night with tents up, bonfire burning and extended family and friends all around.  

The best way to sum it up is the feeling of waking up, wiping the sleep off your eyes, and getting excited to get busy living.  

So we're pulling up the weekly workday relief program to drop knowledge on the best that California has to offer. All the while giving you amazing stories of the adventures in the journey of Everyday California.   

Grab your sandals or shoes, throw on your shades, and prepare yourself to get busy living with us.  

August 31, 2015

Brutus Steel Water Bottle

Everyday California Water Bottle

Brutus knows that to get the most out of any dayventure, you need to stay hydrated. To help with this, Brutus invented steel: you're welcome. By gifting the world with the marvel that is steel, Brutus has enabled Mizu to make fantastic bottles to hold your precious H2O. Everyday California encourages you to stop using single-use bottles and caps and get with the program. That's why we had Mizu custom make the 27 oz. Brutus Steel M8 Water Bottle. It's cool, it's reusable, it's portable and with Brutus on the side, it makes everything taste better. Limited supplies, so get one now!

August 06, 2015

Jockos Floral Snapback Hat

The Jockos Floral Snapback Hat is back with a fresh new look. Emily is sporting the white version on her climb at Mission Gorge. We didn't make very many, so get yours today! 

July 13, 2015

El Classico Tank

It took Brutus longer than usual to get this tank in the mix, but the wait over! The masses have been shouting for quite some time for Everyday California to put our classic flag logo on a tank. And we've been wanting to do so as well, but we had to find the right tank. It had to be soft, sexy and most importantly: Made in California. This tank started as cotton seeds grown in the Central Valley, right here California. In the city of angles it became fabric, was cut and sewn and turned into a tank Brutus is proud to wear. What's more, is this tank has a unisex style making it perfect for the ladies as well. And with all the controversy of flags lately, you can be sure that this one won't offend anybody because for those of us that love adventure, the ocean and living your dreams, we're all part of the California State of Mind. 

May 19, 2015

Everyday California Global Domination

Get ready to see Brutus and his surfboard globe-trotting, spreading the California Dream! Cherokee Global Brands, a global marketer of style-focused lifestyle brands, acquired our much loved Brutus on May 14, 2015. “We are very excited to be adding Everyday California to our portfolio of style-focused lifestyle brands,” said Henry Stupp, CEO of Cherokee Global Brands. “Everyday California’s global potential made the acquisition a perfect fit for Cherokee Global Brands. The brand is more than a state of mind, it’s a way of life! Many great active lifestyle brands have been born in California, and we are confident that together with Mike and Chris we can take an already strong brand and make it even more successful.”

Without getting too boring with the legal jargon, the skinny is this: Cherokee now owns the rights to produce Everyday California apparel and merchandise while our owners Mike and Chris still retain the rights to our flagship store in La Jolla and our e-commerce portion of our website. We’re still going to produce our own California-sourced quality apparel and conduct the best kayak tours of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. But now we have the opportunity to utilize Cherokee’s existing supply chain infrastructure and marketing prowess to enhance and expand the brand. And Cherokee is the perfect partner for this venture.

“From its humble beginnings in Venice Beach and deeply rooted in California, Cherokee has become a global leader, known for its feel good philosophy, tradition and incredible brands,” says Lynch. “As a quintessential California lifestyle company, living the California dream day in and day out, we are thrilled to partner with such a like-minded corporation to help shepherd and grow the Everyday California brand.”

“This is an exciting time for Everyday California,” said Samer. “We are thankful to Coastal Brand Management for helping bring this partnership to fruition and are looking forward to working with Henry Stupp, Howard Siegel and the entire Cherokee team on taking the brand to the next level. It’s going to be fun!”

The Everyday California journey keeps getting better. We’re operating the best tours you can get in La Jolla out of the coolest shop. We’re partnered with a California grown global powerhouse, sitting pretty next to Tony Hawk’s brand. We’ve got juice coming soon. CHRIMAS HODBOE has found love and the cure for boredom. And the Worn by Stevens line might actually take off! Stay tuned for more, as this is only the beginning.

May 12, 2015

Flag Sticker

Our very first sticker is back by popular demand! In our first two years as Everyday California, we dispersed over 30,000 stickers to our customers participating in our guided kayak and snorkel tours. We see them all over SoCal and the rest of the world through the wide gaze of the interwebs. We’ve come out with a few new designs that have served quite well but we always get requests to bring back the Flag sticker. So don’t miss your opportunity to grab this iconic sticker and stick it somewhere CHRIMAS HODBOE would approve! They’re the best dollar you’ll spend this year.


April 15, 2015

Summer is Coming!

Summer is coming. For those of you lucky enough to call San Diego your home you might be wondering what I'm talking about as it certainly has seemed like an endless summer this year. But for our friends outside of SoCal it was another brutal winter and I'm sure they couldn't be happier for the changing of the seasons. So while everyone is getting that beach body ready with renewed vigor for the gym and detox regiments, CHRIMAS HODBOE has compiled a list of items to help maximize your fun in the sun. 

  • Sunscreen - Being tan is great, but cancer sucks. CHRIMAS HODBOE recommends Headhunter
  • Hats - Look good while keeping the rays out of your eyes
  • Beach Towel - Dry off and lay out with Brutus on your side
  • Water - Stay hydrated, nobody likes it when you pass out from dehydration
  • Sandals - Get some Rainbows, CHRIMAS HODBOE'S been wearing them for decades
  • Waterproof Phone Case - Underwater selfies are a must
  • Snacks - Food = Energy, have plenty to maximize beach time 
  • Sunglasses - Get some Blenders, they're stylish and affordable
  • Karate Lessons - Don't question CHRIMAS HODBOE recommendations
  • Beach Bag - Keep all this stuff in an Everyday California Beach Bag 



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